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whodats5 03-06-2003 01:05 AM

Who Should the Saints Draft in 1st Round?
I've been looking at possible scenarios for the saints first round picks and was curious what other fans think.

Trufant or Woolfolk (do we even need a young corner anymore, if so which one?).

E. J. Henderson seems like an obvious choice if available. To me he is the closest linebacker to MR. RAY LEWIS to enter the draft in years as far as toughness and sheer tackling.(remember Lewis was picked with the 26th pick when he came out). Even if he isn't Ray, he will be an Al Wilson type.

I don't know much about the DT's this year but I've been impressed with what I've heard about Kevin Williams of Oklahoma St. The only one I really watched this year was William Joseph, and in my opinion he is much too talented to be around at 17. Who else would be logical?

What other positions are possibilities?

My sleeper pick(that will never happen) is Rex Grossman. If they adress their defensive needs in FA and use one of the picks for D, then why not grab him or Boller? As a middle first round pick, he won't command too hefty of a contract like Aaron Brooks has. If Aaron doesn't pan out, with his high cap number, the Saints will have to cut him. Then the Saints would have a talented young option that would be familiar with the system to fill in.

My final thought, If Willis McGahee is available in the 2nd or 3rd Round should the Saints pick him? With Deuce there is no pressure on him to play in the upcoming season, and when he heals he could easily command a First Round pick in 2004 or 2005.

truck 03-08-2003 02:18 PM

Who Should the Saints Draft in 1st Round?
I have come to realize as a Saints fan that the only truly enjoyable part of the year is this time- still early in free agency where there is a lot out there to talk about and the draft is jsut a month or so away. I agree with you on Williams (I saw a couple of his games and thought he was the real deal). However, I think he will be gone by the time we pick.

The real kicker for us is we could use both picks on dt but I think all of the big 5 (williams, kennedy, robertson, sullivan, joseph) will all be gone. If that is the case, I say best palyer available. Here is my top 18 players in order of who I woul dlike the Saints to get:
1) jimmy kennedy-dt
2) terrance newman-cb
3) kevin williams-dt
4) marcus trufant-cb
5) charles rogers-wr
6) dewayne robertson-dt
7) jon sullivan-dt
8) ej henderson-ilb
9) jordan gross-ot
10) william joseph-dt
11) kwamie harris-ot
12) terrell suggs- de
13) andre johnson- wr
14) boss bailey- olb
15) andre woolfolk- cb
16) eric steonbach- ol
17) sammy davis- cb
18) julian battle- cb/fs

since palmer and leftawhich will be gone by 17, we are insured of getting at least the guys I have at 15 and 16. Thus being the worst case scenerio (the guys I like the best all go before we pick) we would wind up with woolfolk and steinbach. Not bad I guess.

To respond to the cb question, yes we need corners. We always do. Dale Carter and Ambrose will only play for two more years each I think. Stock up now. Trufant from everything I read sounds like he is just a notch below Newman (who could passoibly be the #1 pick). So the way I look at it, we need to be evaluating who we like between Woolfolk, Battle, Davis and Strait.

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