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Euphoria 05-26-2005 12:55 AM

...and the 2009 Super Bowl goes to
UGH... Tampa Bay awarded the 2009 Super Bowl, how does that grab ya. We so need to ink a long term deal in New Orleans so we can get more SB's

lynwood 05-26-2005 11:12 AM

RE: ...and the 2009 Super Bowl goes to
Just goes to show you that having a new stadium doesn't mean squat. Houston got one superbowl for building the stadium. It's one of if not the best in the nfl with the retractible roof and all. So New Orleans builds a new stadium gets one superbowl from it and then what? If they really like New Orleans as a superbowl city i think renovating the dome would be fine.

Euphoria 05-26-2005 08:49 PM

RE: ...and the 2009 Super Bowl goes to
??? New Orleans leads any NFL city in getting Super Bowls and will continue not because of the staduim/dome. Its because of the party atmosphere and what the city has to offer that gets us SB's. What we need to ask ourselves is... Do the Saints warrant a new stadium/dome? Does the City? Are the tax payers willing to touch up the dome for 174 million or just build a new one.

LordOfEntropy 05-27-2005 01:21 PM

Re: RE: ...and the 2009 Super Bowl goes to

Originally Posted by Euphoria
Are the tax payers willing to touch up the dome for 174 million or just build a new one.

Am I willing to pay? Hell yeah.

Does anyone else remember their macro and micro economics classes? The New Deal under Roosevelt? The recovery after the dot-com crash? I'll summarize - when an economy is in a slump, pump money into the market until the market stabilizes.

Lousiana. Let's see. Extremely high percentage of poverty and unemployment... awful economy... huge blighted area across the river....

If we buy a stadium, that means 400+ million dollars spent locally. Which means thousands of local contractors get employed, and the contruction takes years. Of course local contractors spend paychecks on items that only benefit football (like food, clothing, shelter, little Debbie Snack cakes, cars, gas, toilet paper).

So... the state spends a huge amount of money. Local businesses make that money. Local employees get paychecks. Friends go back to work. Blight becomes new. The state taxes the transactions.

Does anyone else see that spending money locally (even on ridiculous frivolous expensive items like new football stadiums) isn't ridiculous?

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