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saintswhodi 05-31-2005 11:55 AM

Good news for us about the Bucs

The Buccaneers need to clear about $6 million worth of salary-cap space, and they're targeting three of their highest profile players for help. The Bucs have asked linebacker Derrick Brooks, defensive end Simeon Rice and defensive tackle Anthony McFarland to restructure their contracts. None of the players has yet to agree to do it, so Tampa Bay is going to have some work to do in the next week or so to clear enough space to sign their draft class. Watch the Bucs; there's going to be news coming out of there in the days to come.

In a previous article, Derrick Brooks said he would not cut his salary cause he has done it before to help the team. Looks like that Superbowl run is finally costing them. they are already cutting Todd Steussie, which will further deplete their line. If they cut Booger, do we go after him? I say hell yes. He and Smith will be anxious to play them twice a year. But what if they do the unthinkable and cut Brooks? They more than likely won't but what if? He does play WLB but should we get him or try? I'd have to say yes again. That kind of vet leadership we just do not have for our D.

BlackandBlue 05-31-2005 12:12 PM

RE: Good news for us about the Bucs
Not only that, but you're talking about one of the smartest linebackers in the NFL. Brooks can play on my team any day. So can McFarland.
I feel that they would sooner cut Brooks than Booger, he's the foundation that front seven is built around. Brooks is the leader, no question, but I think that McFarland is more valuable to that team right now. Rice, as important a cog as he is in that defense, would fall to the 3rd on the list.

saintswhodi 05-31-2005 01:25 PM

I agree BNB. Rice, we don't need. But Brooks or Booger would eb a welcome addition. Like I said, I already read a previous article from before the draft where Brooks said he wasn't cutting his salary again, he may have a change of heart, bit why should he? He is the heart and soul of that defense. If he is cut, we have to jump on it with everything we got. He may not have many years left, but what he could teach our guys in that time would be invaluable.

JKool 05-31-2005 01:36 PM

Whodi, don't you know it is always possible to work around the cap... :P

This is good news.

Brooks may restructure as he has been a Buc for a long time and it isn't clear how much he'll actually fetch on the open market, but it is not likely that they'll be able to restructure them all.


saintswhodi 05-31-2005 01:55 PM


Whodi, don't you know it is always possible to work around the cap...
Kool, what was I thinking? Why do they even have a salary cap since no situation that ever arises will ever have a team in cap trouble, they can always get around it, oh, except the Titans, and the 49ers, and apparently now the Bucs, but there's always a way around it somehow. I think it's called having to cut all your good players though. :wink:

WhoDat 05-31-2005 01:56 PM

Give me BOOGER!!! I can't even allow myself to imagine Brooks on this team.

zachsaints52 05-31-2005 02:37 PM

Brooks or Anthony would be fine, but McFarland is definately younger and would cost less than Brooks I should say.

saintswhodi 06-01-2005 09:16 AM

Delete please.

saintswhodi 06-01-2005 09:16 AM

Just read an article that said Ronde Barber could be a surprise cut. I would definitely take him too.


Bucs Can Capitalize On Free-Agency Rule

Published: Jun 1, 2005

TAMPA - Three years ago, the Bucs added one of the key components of their Super Bowl championship team by signing wide receiver Keenan McCardell during the second phase of free agency that begins June 1.
Don't look for a repeat performance this year.

When the free-agency pool is restocked, as it is every year at this time, the Bucs probably won't be taking much, if anything, out of it. They are much more likely to be among the handful of teams that will greatly add to it.

Tackle Todd Steussie, running back Charlie Garner and guard Matt Stinchcomb are among the players who might be cut by the Bucs if they can't find another way to create the cap space they'll need to sign their draft picks.

The cuts could come as soon as today. NFL rules stipulate that teams cutting players on or after June 1 can apply the cap hit that comes with a player's release to the following season.

It's the NFL's way of giving cap-strapped teams a chance to clear their rosters of overpriced commodities without adding to their cap problems. The Bucs are expected to take full advantage of that rule.

Though they have shaved about $20 million from their payroll during the past few months and are approximately $1.3 million under the league's $86 million salary cap, the Bucs lack the space to sign their draft picks.

The NFL pegs that figure at $6.037 million. That's what the Bucs will be allowed to spend on the likes of Cadillac Williams, Barrett Ruud and Alex Smith this year, so the Bucs' aim is to create about $5 million worth of space.

Cutting players is one way to do that, but it's not the only way. Teams also can restructure existing player contracts, and the Bucs again are expected to create some cap room that way.

Having already reworked deals for players such as quarterback Brian Griese, fullback Mike Alstott and running back Michael Pittman, the Bucs hope to rework the deals of some of their most notable defensive players.

Linebacker Derrick Brooks, who already has discussed and turned down a proposal to rework a contract that carries a $9 million cap figure, again might be the target of a restructure offer.

Defensive end Simeon Rice, whose contract carries a $10 million cap figure, and defensive tackle Anthony McFarland ($4 million cap figure) also might be approached, if they haven't been already.

Attempts to reach Brooks, Rice, McFarland or the agents for those players were unsuccessful Tuesday. A request to speak with Bucs general manager Bruce Allen could not be granted.

There is no mandate ordering teams to cut players on June 1, so the Bucs could take several days or even weeks to decide their approach to creating cap space.

There's no guarantee they won't remain active in free agency, either. The Bucs are believed to have some interest in signing free-agent cornerback R.W. McQuarters, and other free agents entering the pool could become targets.

One free agent whom the Bucs are expected to lose in a post-June 1 transaction is safety John Howell. Howell recently agreed to terms on a contract with the Seahawks and said he plans to sign that contract today or shortly thereafter.

Players the Bucs might release to create needed salary-cap space:

T Todd Steussie
RB Charlie Garner
LG Matt Stinchcomb

Don't Be Shocked
RT Kenyatta Walker
LT Derrick Deese

Never Say Never
CB Ronde Barber
CB Brian Kelly
DT Anthony McFarland
FB Mike Alstott
DE Simeon Rice

Tobias-Reiper 06-01-2005 05:38 PM

... and just wait until a crazed Brit assassinates the Glazers...

... Booger, definitely...

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