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4saintspirit 06-01-2005 03:24 PM

Unknown factor this year -- will
All of this talk about moving the team help motivate them or distract them or do nothing at all -- this is the big wildcard that we seem to be overlooking -- For my part I think this discussion has been going on for so long that the players are immune to it -- Also -- as much as I hate it the fact that the discussion is put on hold -- maybe the team can stay focused -- any opinions out there

no_cloning 06-01-2005 05:31 PM

RE: Unknown factor this year -- will
They've shown that they are not immune to being booed in the Dome and if there are more comments out of the Benson camp on how San Antonio and Albuquerque are the fans will grow even more impatient.
Start 1-3 again and you're gonna get booed in the first quarter of every home game.

Why should players worry about the team moving? It won't happen overnight, the more likely timeframe is 5 years. How many players are on this team that played for the Saints in 2000?

Tobias-Reiper 06-01-2005 05:33 PM

RE: Unknown factor this year -- will
..when you are making the kind of cash that pro players make..
...when you are used to going from team to team as players do now in free agency...
... personally, I don't think they care. Some will, like Beerman, because he's a local, but the other guys, I don't think it's too big of an issue..

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