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papz 06-03-2005 01:13 AM

If you could be... player on any given sunday, who would you be?

Me personally, I would have to choose Barry Sanders. I would love for ESPN to show me breaking 3 players' ankles on the highlights... and running the rest of the way for a 80 yard touchdown. Although leveling someone and making them do a 360 in the air would also be pretty tempting. :D

duece4pres 06-03-2005 02:25 AM

Personally, I would love to be Horn and show up all the "haters." He deserved his contract, and when he finishes in the top 5 again this year, people will finally jump on his bandwagon! Call me stupid(not really), but people will realize why the Saints signed him to a long term contract when he has yet another record breaking year for the Saints. He's the HEART of this team. Feel free to tee off!

no_cloning 06-03-2005 07:18 AM

LT. Don't exactly like the guy or his big mouth too much, but the way he redefined the OLB position and with his athletic ability it sure would be fun to play like him. Still love this story about him (from's Gil Brandt I think)

On a particular defensive call, Taylor was supposed to drop into coverage but Taylor could tell the opponent had no one to block him, so when the quarterback dropped back to pass, he simply rushed in and sacked him. When Taylor got to the sideline, Parcells, in his unique way, asked him what the heck he was thinking about. Taylor told him he knew he could get there before the passer could throw. Parcells said something to the extent of, "Don't do it again; stick with the call."
Well, the next time the same situation occurred, Taylor ran in and sacked the QB again! When he came off the field, the coach ripped him again and warned him. Late in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, you guessed it ... a third sack! As the game ended, Parcells turned to an assistant and said, "We better have a name for that blitz when the press asks about it, and we better plan on using it again next week."

WhoDat 06-03-2005 08:56 AM

Aaron Brooks, of course!

BooBirdSaint 06-03-2005 11:28 AM

Joe "Git r done" Montana... Class and skill. Of course having all the pro bowl talent around didn't hurt either.

Tobias-Reiper 06-03-2005 12:06 PM

Johnathan Sullivan.. I heard the press bouffets are da bomb...

LordOfEntropy 06-03-2005 12:35 PM

Bo Jackson.

Bo Knows Hoes.

LordOfEntropy 06-03-2005 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by WhoDat
Aaron Brooks, of course!

WhoDat, yur gonna half to start mispellin' thim centenses.

(while wondering what that page was with Wonderlic on the top, you know, the one where you fumbled the pencil before you could write anything down).


Instructor: What is your name, Aaron?
Aaron: duhhhh...
Instructor: It starts with an 'A'
Aaron: uhhhhh.... duhhh.....
Instructor: It ends with an 'N'
Aaron: uhhhhhhhh...
Instructor: 5 seconds, Aaron
Aaron: uhhh.... uhhhh.....

4saintspirit 06-03-2005 01:26 PM

Cocaine Chuck Muncie of course

WhoDat 06-03-2005 02:24 PM

My old lady gave me the wonderlic last night!

CAN YOU FEEL THAT?! HUH? HUH? HUH? I have exerciiiised the demons. This house is clear.

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