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WhoDat 03-06-2003 04:02 PM

What's going on with Free Agency?
OK, so the Saints came out of the gates fast shoring up three good players. Since then, nada. All the talk is focused on Turley. Great, we'll get rid of him, but what the hell is going on otherwise? Are any other players coming to visit? Should we expect any more big signings? Another corner? A safety, DT, LB? Or is this our defense for next year with only the draft to fill additional holes? If so, this doesn't look very "reloaded" to me. What's going on?

WhoDat 03-06-2003 05:08 PM

What's going on with Free Agency?
One other thing - do you guys think Ruff and Ambrose really improved our defense?

Ruff is better than Clemons, but then anyone is. I don\'t know a lot about the guy but everything I\'m reading is saying that he\'s tough and mean, but slow and not good in coverage. I though the Saints were looking to get FASTER on D.

Ambrose is sort of the same. He\'s older and lacks make-up speed. He and Thomas are likely to battle it out for the number 2 corner spot. Of course, I really think Craver can beat them all out, but it sounds like he may end up playing safety... which again makes me nervous. Two first year starters back there, one who changed positions... that doesn\'t sound good. Why didn\'t they make a move form Claiborne, Spikes, Colvin, or Quarles?

Look, they\'ve got $8 mill under the cap and 5 draft picks in the first tree rounds. Those numbers could easily go up to $15+ million and 6 picks if they trade Turley and release Hand. So why the hell does this team always have to go after the \"project\" player. The unproven who might make it might not? Why won\'t this team just go get a couple of marquee defenders? One stud MLB, one stud Corner, one stud Safety. Worry about DT in the draft... if they keep this sh-t up I don\'t expect the D to be any better next year than it was this year. Especially with Venturi at the helm.

rodjmaw 03-06-2003 08:27 PM

What's going on with Free Agency?
Just curious who are the marquee defenders we could go after

Chris Claiborne to me is not that much better than Orlando Ruff,and Colvin is a outside lb. The saints need a MLB and Ruff to me was not a bad deal. The saints was 15 mil under and now their -8 and 5 mil of the cap -15 went to Wayne Gandy. I can undertand the reasoning behind those deals to strenghtin our position in the draft. I would of love the saints to be able to pick up spikes but really why put most of the cap money on a transition player while potential player slips through the cracks cuz the saints are waiting on a decision on bengals to match? I think they should of went after Rodney Harrison instead of Asheley Ambrosebut hey I am couch potatoe.

Anyone have any words on Jerome Pathon situation? Did he sign or is he close to signing yet?

WhoDat 03-07-2003 08:33 AM

What's going on with Free Agency?
Rod, can you really say that the defense has gotten better? Maybe a little, so now they\'ll have the 22nd worst defense in the league, not the 26th. C\'mon! They need to make some big moves and they\'re not. Marquee players? Here\'s a section of a previous post I wrote:

\"Maybe they don\'t get Woodson. Fine. Maybe they still draft a corner. Maybe they go after guys like Corey Ivy, Tyrone Poole, Bryant Westbrook, Terrell Buckley, or Chris McAllister. That still adds talent at corner.

At linebacker maybe they don\'t get Spikes. But that doesn\'t mean that they can\'t go after Quarles, Claiborne, or Colvin.

At safety maybe they don\'t go after Jones, but that still leaves Jackson, Little, Lassiter, Carpenter, Stoutmire, Branch, Cota, Darius, Flowers, etc. Again, upgrading is possible.

You can do the same with the DT position. Use the draft or use free agency. I personally like Chester McGlockton.\"

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