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JOESAM2002 03-06-2003 10:44 PM

Name your QB as backup.....
I sure would like to hear ya'lls ideas on a backup QB now that we have lost Jake. I sure hated to see him go.

lumm0x 03-06-2003 11:22 PM

Name your QB as backup.....
Latest word is that they are looking at bringing back Jeff Blake. I would think he either has a bad taste left over from the last time he was here, or otherwise he is very eager to prove he should have still been here when Brooks stole his job. My opinion of the guy.....very talented but he is a perenial loser. He has all of the qualities of a great QB and can\'t been a game breaker. As bad as Brooks can be consistency-wise, he can win a game on his own at times. He is a make you or break you type QB. Blake needs a complete supporting cast to achieve. I would prefer they go after a more mentoring veteran QB behind Brooks, someone not out to steal the job but to settle the ship and tutor Brooks on the nuances of the position. Rodney Peete comes to mind as does Neil O\'Donnell.
The other direction may be a project QB like Shaun King. I really liked this kid when he was a starter.

WhoDat 03-07-2003 08:29 AM

Name your QB as backup.....
Your third string QB should be your \"project\". You rbackup should be a player. Get the best player you possibly can. That is Jeff Blake in my mind. The problem is that Blake is talking to Chicago about being their starter. The Bears are deciding between Blake and Stewart. That\'s not a tough decision in my mind, but in typical Bears fashion, apparently Stewart is the front runner. I know Bulger is restricted, but why not go after him?

nocloning 03-07-2003 10:03 AM

Name your QB as backup.....
Wouldn\'t mind to have O\'Donnell on board. He won\'t be pushing for the starting job like Blake would and as it\'s very unlikely Brooks will ever be benched I\'d rather see someone to take the pressure off of the starting man and teaching him something than someone who sees Aaron as a competitor for the job he wants. Apart from that I always thought of O\'Donnell as a pretty good QB who only makes mistakes in the important games. With the offensive talent around him he should do okay if he has to go in. 3rd plus: Probably cheaper than Blake.

D_it_up 03-07-2003 11:04 AM

Name your QB as backup.....
How about Dave Wilson? no no no...John Fourcade...wait,\'s not a strike year...Mike Buck? Jeff Jewis? Babe Loufenberg? In all seriousness, I wouldn\'t mind seeing a veteran like O\'Donnell here. Then again, there is one guy I think that still has a lot of unproven potential because he played on a BAD TEAM. That man being Charlie Batch. Yeah, I know what most of you are saying. Charlie Batch? That guy sucks. I don\'t see it that way. I\'ve seen a few games of his in the past where that guy had a spark in his eye that went unnoticed by many. He had some of the best games of his career with that spark. Bring this guy to New Orleans. I\'m sure he\'ll make a more than capable back-up.

pakowitz 03-07-2003 12:12 PM

Name your QB as backup.....
i like o\'donnell and batch i think both are solid qbs, i would be happy with either of them. WHODAT, i dont like the idea of going after bulger, he is restricted and he was offered the first round tender, which would mean if we did sign him to an offer sheet and the rams didnt match, then we would owe them one of our 1st rounders, but i also think that the saints wouldnt do it anyway, yes he was drafted by us, and played here for a few seasons but he was released when haz got here, he felt as if bulger wasnt aggressive enough..... but i really hope we go for batch or odonnel either would be a super addition to this club

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