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tiggerpolice 06-07-2005 10:12 AM

Don't pick on these draft picks
Don't pick on these draft picks

The Jaguars' selection of Matt Jones was a head scratcher, but certainly not the only one of the 2005 draft. But there were six puzzlers that actually made some sense.

Luis Castillo, DT, Chargers (1st round, No. 28 overall). Owning up to his use of steroids during injury rehab showed enough maturity to complement his space-eating talent, which is ideal for playing San Diego's 3-4 nose tackle position.

Mike Nugent, K, Jets (2nd, No. 47). The Jets tend to play many gritty, close games under coach Herman Edwards. The selection of Nugent ensures they will win more of those games this season.

Dustin Colquitt, P, Chiefs (3rd, No. 99). He might do more to help the Chiefs win the field-position battle than any of their defensive picks.

Maurice Clarett, RB, Broncos (3rd, No. 101). What he did in one year at Ohio State made him worth a flier, especially by a strong run-blocking team.

Adrian McPherson, QB, Saints (5th, No. 152). There's nothing like a younger, similarly athletic passer to motivate Aaron Brooks.
Anttaj Hawthorne, DT, Raiders (6th, No. 175). The team that was willing to overlook Hawthorne's positive marijuana test was rewarded with an early Day 1-caliber talent.

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