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pakowitz 03-07-2003 01:17 AM

vikings trade..?
Saints Report 3-3-03

There is speculation that the Minnesota Vikings could approach the New Orleans Saints about a NFL Draft day trade. The Vikings are interested in trading down from the No. 7 pick to add more picks. The Saints, who reportedly want to move up, have two first-round picks.-----J J Pesavento

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DATMAN 03-07-2003 10:28 PM

vikings trade..?
Other than trying to assure yourself of getting one of the top two corners, what benefit (needs wise) is there to trade up? Just askin\'. Unless of course, we pull the trigger on a DT.

nocloning 03-08-2003 05:02 AM

vikings trade..?
Haslett and some of his staff were in Miami for the Pro Day. Obviously that\'s a school you have to send someone to, but when it\'s the head coach it probably indicates real interest in one player. Name that comes to mind is William Joseph.
Giving up both first rounders for the No. 7 pick would be stupid however and I can\'t see the Saints going for that. They have confidence in their ability to pick the right players (maybe overly so) and like the luxury of these two picks. It may change if we get a third first rounder for Turley.
The way it stands now I personally don\'t want the Saints to trade. There will be some good people left after the first 16 picks.

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