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Rose Bowl/NFL in LA

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by nawlins Something really needs to been done about the superdome. I've been to several different stadiums around the country and the dome is by far the worst one I've experienced. All I can say for the dome ...

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Originally Posted by nawlins
Something really needs to been done about the superdome. I've been to several different stadiums around the country and the dome is by far the worst one I've experienced.

All I can say for the dome is it's an extremely large buliding that's in a great city. It's not a fooball stadium. If you want to go to a rock concert, it's a great place. But not for football. Terrible sight lines.

Every time I go to a game in another city I feel cheated when I go back to the dome. Just a terrible stadium to watch fooball. Compared to other stadiums, it's like a 3rd world country!!
agree wit nawlins. i have season tickets and its terrible, what is that carp hangin off the ceiling?
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A new staduim would be so awesome. but money dosen't grow on trees unfortunetly...
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True that AllSaints. I would be all for building a new stadium. However, I'm not sure that a few million consituents of the great state of Louisiana who aren't as crazy about the Saints as we are would prefer to build a football stadium over building better schools and paying teachers. Like you said, money doesn't grow on trees.
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Deuce, I agree with you about the constituents not wanting to spend the money on the Saints, but they sure as hell aren't looking to spend that money on the schools and teachers. Over the past 20 years, numerous legislation aimed at created money for schools has created the cash flow, but much of that does not find its way to the school. Where does it go??? That's the big question. Looks like we found out with Edwards.

We don't have much money to begin with as a state. That fact comboed with the "leaky pipes" as the money trickles down to its final destinations and we get Louisianna. hoop
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You guys are right - the Super Dome is a terrible place to watch football games - that's why the NFL has selected it to host the most (9) Super Bowls in league history.

Are you guys related to Tom Benson?

When I sit in the endzone it's hard to see what's going on when play is at the opposite goal line. Wah wah. Right, whereas at Soldier field a helicopter picks up the opposite endzone seating and holds you in a hover 5 yards behind the play so you can see better.

I just... oh nevermind.
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Woo hoo! Thanks WhoDat.

Since this topic was originally the rose bowl, I'd like to remind everyone that the Rose Bowl was finished in 1922 and the LA coliseum was finished in 1923. So how is it that a building thats 1/3 of the age of the Rose Bowl and the LA coliseum is now in a state that people are saying the building is beyond rennovation. I just don't get it.

I love the Dome, and I've been in plaza endzone for the last two years. Give me a bigger clearer Big Screen and some sort of drainage system to keep the urine off the floors in the bathrooms and I'll be happy for all eternity. Is there urine on the floors in the new football stadiums? And I wouldn't mind some of those state of the art toilets with the plunger built in so I don't walk into a stall where the toilet is clogged with tp.
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LOL. At Soldier Field you can just piss in your pants and 3 beautiful women will come give you a sponge bath and dress you in silk, feed you filet mignon from Gibsons... owners in bigger cities can provide these types of luxuries to their fans for $55 a ticket - it a matter of economics, you poor ignorant bastards down in the South wouldn't understand, so I'll save my breath.
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The Dome rules! I love it. I live in Dallas. TX stadium sucks! I would take the Dome over that pile of dung any day of the week. The Dome is part of our skyline. I get excited when I see it when I come in from out of town. The view of the game is fine everywhere but the upper upper decks. If they put two new state of the art Jumbotrons in there I would never gripe about a game there again.
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