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tiggerpolice 06-09-2005 10:43 PM

New Dolphin Jones unfazed by potshot
New Dolphin Jones unfazed by potshot


As the Heat commands our attention, the Dolphins this week begin their final nine days of offseason ''practices.'' Some buzz from Davie:

• One of the offseason's most surprising developments was New Orleans coach Jim Haslett ripping safety Tebucky Jones after Miami signed him. To refresh, Haslett said: ``He doesn't have very good ball skills. He struggles in space. I don't know why he can't catch a ball. It's the oddest thing I've seen. I think [ Nick Saban] took him because they didn't really have anybody else.''

Responding publicly for the first time, Jones conceded ''it's surprising'' Haslett would rip him like that. ``But I [know Haslett's] character. From being there two years, I already knew what kind of person he was, and the defensive coordinator [ Rick Venturi], too. . . . You see his character by the way he said the whole championship Pittsburgh Steeler team was taking steroids. . . . He can say what he wants. I don't care.''

(Haslett indicated in March that the 1970s Steelers teams pioneered NFL steroid use -- a claim the team denied.)

Jones, who played for Bill Belichick in New England, said Saban's and Belichick's demeanors and approaches are very similar. ''A big difference from New Orleans,'' he said. Saban ``teaches a lot.''

Jones, a seven-year veteran, never has intercepted more than two passes in a season. But he's a solid tackler, and the Dolphins believe he can help against the run, an area where Miami ranked 31st of 32 teams last year.

ScottyRo 06-10-2005 08:39 AM

RE: New Dolphin Jones unfazed by potshot

But he's a solid tackler
He didn't do too bad last year at tackling but I guess this guy didn't watch TJ any the year before when he made only about half the tackles he should have.

saintswhodi 06-10-2005 08:44 AM

Let's review on Tesucky Jones. When we offered to trade New England for him Belichek was GIDDY, ELATED(his own words from Patriot Reign). He said Tescuky was dumb as a bag of rocks, and they were gonna cut him until we bailed them out with what, a 3rd round pick? Well, we know who won that one.

Two interceptions? As a guy that started every game for two years? Had to go to tackling school. Can't really argue about what he says on Haslett and Venturi not being teachers though. Does it seem like anyone DEVELOPS when they get here? Or does it seem like certain players just work hard and enhance the abilities they already had? Hell, some players have regressed. I won't disagree with him there. What they will do though, is get someone else to teach you cause they can't. Brooks' leadership classes, Tesucky's tackling school, Stallworth's conditioning program to avoid injury.

papz 06-10-2005 08:57 AM

If air was a player, he crushed it.

jbutts 06-10-2005 09:39 AM

in all fairness to haslet and venturi, this is a professional league...maybe they just dont baby players-especially ones who continue to gaff on tackles. tackling being something you should have learned in high school. no one can make you learn as they say.

saintswhodi 06-10-2005 09:46 AM

I respect that point of view jbutts, but these guys are still young and not fully developed when they come out of college. rarely do players come in to the NFL at the peak of their ability. Some coaches have a knack for bringing out the best in players, and enbaling them to flourish. Seems like we don't have the kind of teaching ability from our coaches, except maybe Pease. Your comments take the line that players are professionals so they should learn on their own how to get better. That is just flawed. If you graduated from college as a surgeon, should they just allow you to start operating freelance and learn as you go, or do you take residency and study under an established surgeon and gain the skills you need to excel beyond what you learned in school?

Euphoria 06-10-2005 10:57 AM

agree with ya there whodi, Its also a different game from college to pro the speed, different skills even for the type of game. You just can't come in and be competitive in the league without a learning curve.

jbutts 06-10-2005 11:46 AM

thats the truth whodi. i only bring it up since Tebuck is something like 28, old enough to do his homework with out being told so to speak. but youre right, we could use a few more coaches who can not only coach but coach up.

saintswhodi 06-10-2005 11:55 AM

I totally agree on T-Buck. I was just relating it more to rookies and young players, but some of it can be applied to teaching vets to fit your scheme, or making a scheme that fits your players. If T-Buck couldn't learn under Belichek and Crennel, well, that says enough right there. He was never gonna get it here. But outside of Pease, and hopefully the guys we added in the offseason, I don't trust the coaching up to come from Haz or Venturi. That's all I was saying.

WhoDat 06-10-2005 02:29 PM

Add Tebucky Jones to an ever-growing list of former Saints players who have questioned Haslett, Venturi, and/or Mickey Loomis.

I'm sure that Tebucky is just as crazy as Turley right? Just a disgruntled player... the fact that he said that Saban was like Bellicheck and Haslett is not must be untrue. [sigh]

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