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tiggerpolice 06-10-2005 05:55 PM

Unit analysis: Safeties

Patriots: A Rodney Harrison hits like a truck. Eugene Wilson excels in coverage. Both are smart. Steelers: A-minus
Troy Polamalu and Chris Hope are young, athletic and fast and hit like linebackers.

Bills: B-plus
Lawyer Milloy and Troy Vincent are intelligent and physical. The depth is good.

Jaguars: B-plus
Donovin Darius provides a presence over the middle; Deon Grant is reliable.

Ravens: B
Ed Reed is one of the NFL's best players, but Will Demps can be a liability in coverage.

Broncos: B
John Lynch and Nick Ferguson lack speed but excel against the run.

Chargers: B-minus
There are high hopes for Terrence Kiel and free-agent pickup Bhawoh Jue.

Titans: B-minus
Tank Williams makes big plays -- when healthy. Lamont Thompson is effective.

Bengals: C-plus
Madieu Williams is a blossoming star, but the run defense needs an enforcer.

Colts: C-plus
Bob Sanders and Mike Doss are big hitters with big futures, but they are green.

Jets: C-plus
Five have been drafted the past three years, but only Erik Coleman has worked out.

Texans: C
The starters are set with Marcus Coleman and Glenn Earl, but the depth is shaky.

Chiefs: C
Sammy Knight provides a fearsome presence, but Greg Wesley lost his fire in '04.

Browns: C-minus
Brian Russell is the only experienced starter; Brodney Pool and Sean Jones offer hope.

Dolphins: C-minus
Tebucky Jones and Travares Tillman both are suspect in coverage.

Raiders: C-minus
Even with a healthy Derrick Gibson, this group has plenty of room to improve.


Eagles: A
Brian Dawkins and Mike Lewis form the best combination in the league.

Cardinals: B-plus
Adrian Wilson is coming off his best season; Robert Griffith brings experience.

Vikings: B
Darren Sharper is an upgrade; Corey Chavous must hold off Willie Offord.

Seahawks: B
Michael Boulware is a ballhawk; Ken Hamlin has a lot left to prove.

Buccaneers: B
Dexter Jackson and Jermaine Phillips are strong, physical defenders.

Redskins: B
Sean Taylor's concentration must match his talent; the run support is good.

Lions: B-minus
Kenoy Kennedy is a big hitter, and Terrence Holt has a lot of potential.

Bears: C-plus
SS Mike Brown and FS Mike Green have switched spots; they should fit better.

Saints: C-plus
Dwight Smith brings talent and playmaking ability; Jay Bellamy is underrated.

Giants: C-plus
Shaun Williams is trying to come back from injury; Gibril Wilson is promising.

Panthers: C
Much will depend on whether Thomas Davis plays here or at linebacker.

49ers: C
SS Tony Parrish creates turnovers but lacks a veteran complement at free safety.

Falcons: C-minus
Bryan Scott is recovering from surgery; everyone else is old and slow.

Rams: C-minus
There are few sure things at the team's most unstable position.

Cowboys: D
Roy Williams is a star, but there is no depth and no proven starter at free safety.

Packers: D-minus
Darren Sharper is gone, and it will be a while before Nick Collins can fill his shoes.

FireVenturi 06-10-2005 06:38 PM

i agree except i think we should be above the Lions. Kennedy and a very unproven Holt......I dont think so!!!!

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