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BlackandBlue 03-07-2003 04:36 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
Pull the trigger, this is a scenario that we could not lose. More info as to how much and why, listed below.

According to the article, they were trying to reduce his salary to $1 million.

WhoDat 03-07-2003 05:16 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
Ask yourself, is Jason Sehorn significantly better than Ambrose or Thomas? To me, the answer is no. After all, he was the number 3 guy in New York. If the Saints are going to make a move for ANOTHER corner it should be a marquee player. The same is true at linebacker. We have enough so-so players in both of those positions. A draft pick will cost less and probably contribute as much with much greater long-term potential. Depth is good, but he have the kind of guys who should serve as depth guys. Now we need our impact players. Woodson, Quarles, Lassiter, McGlockton. Just give me one Saints. Just one guy to get excited about! PLEASE!

D_it_up 03-07-2003 05:19 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
I think Jason Sehorn would be an awesome acquistion for the Saints. He was willing to move over to free safety for the Giants, but Fassel said he would remain a cornerback. The problem with that is that with Will Allen and Will Peterson already locked there, Sehorn would be stuck as a nickel and dime package corner. I\'m sure a player of Sehorn\'s caliber and skills would want to start. Bring the guy in and move him over to free safety. He already knows the position since he was originally drafted as a safety. Sure he\'s been a corner since entering the league, but a player with his smarts wouldn\'t take long to adjust. I don\'t think it would cost much to sign him. He was willing to take a cut for the Giants as long as it was guaranteed. The Giants didn\'t want to guarantee it to him, so therefore, a stalemate resulting in him being cut. Would Sehorn work as a Saint? ABSOLUTELY! Take a chance and sign him. What do we have to lose?

WhoDat 03-07-2003 05:39 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
Money that could go elsewhere - that\'s what we lose. I like Sehorn over all. He could be a good safety, although he doesn\'t have great speed. I don\'t know. I\'d be happy if the Saints picked him up, but not overly excited.

nocloning 03-07-2003 06:57 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
WhoDat: Pretty much 100% agree.
Everytime I hear the name \"Jason Sehorn\" my mind keeps giving me images of a game (probably 2001) where he was burned 3 times SO badly, at least two of those were TDs. At the time I kept thinking to myself: Isn\'t that guy supposed to be good? He wouldn\'t make this team better, even at FS. Well, sorry, just don\'t like the guy.

BlackandBlue 03-08-2003 12:10 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
We still need help at the corner position- Ambrose was not the complete answer. The only way we are going to get a shutdown corner is through a trade. The ONLY two shutdown corner\'s in the draft will be selected within the top 10. Woolfolk is a long term project who\'s stock is dropping by the day. According to NFL analysts, the rumor of Woodsen being traded was strictly that- a rumor. I\'d take Seahorn for a $2 million dollar cap hit.

billyh1026 03-10-2003 08:41 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
Jason Sehorn sucks!! Since he blew out his knee the dude has reminded me of Elvis \"toast\" Patterson. Think Turley\'s a distraction? Get Sehorn and his ego.....NOT!

bagha20 03-10-2003 10:20 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
I think they should not even look at Jason Sehorn. One time he was hot commodity but recent years his status and skill as a cornerback has fallen such that he has number 3 guy in new york. I think saints should concentrate more on trying to get charles woodson here. Him paired up with ambrose or thomas should take a lot of pressure of the d-line. giving them more time to get some more SACKS!!!!!! Then they will be able to get a competent defensive tackle in the draft. I think this scenario will work out nicely for the Saints. What u thinK?

WhoDat 03-10-2003 10:28 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
A guy like Woodson would do wonders for our defense. Not only b/c he is a really talented player, but b/c he would help other parts of the D. Carter and Woodson followed by Ambrose and Thomas makes for a damn good group of corners. Their ability to cover should take pressure off of what will likely be a very young starting duo at safety of Mitchell and Craver. Without a guy like Woodson, those two have little room for error (not good for two first year starters). But with Woodson, they can make mistakes from time to time and not always get burned.

Bagha is also right about the pass rush. An extra 1 or 2 seconds nin coverage could amount to A LOT of additional sacks - especially with the addition of a good pass rushing DT and a blitz scheme that lets Hodge and Allen use their speed. I think Woodson is a key piece to this puzzle. His mere pressence improves the defense. I certainly hope that they make a play for him.

pakowitz 03-10-2003 11:26 PM

Jason Sehorn a Saint?
i hate jason sehorn he is wildly overrated. i swear to all of you on this, if the saints were to sign him, i would actually root for him to get burned every down, he is not good, he never was good, he will never be good, i dont like him, i dont like the thought of him being on my favorite team, and there is nothing (leadership, experience, etc.) that would make me want him on my team, he thinks he is the greatest thing in the world, when he really isnt ****, thats right i said ****, thats how bad i dislike him, that i would actually post a curse word in here, and be subject to being banned from this site, if sehorn comes, i go

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