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tiggerpolice 06-13-2005 09:07 AM

Don’t expect Saints to bolt for Texas in the near fut
Don’t expect Saints to bolt for Texas in the near future

New Orleans

The San Antonio Saints. It does have a bit of a ring to it, but we’re told there is little to no chance that Saints owner Tom Benson will be moving the team to Texas any time soon. Benson shocked some when he abruptly walked away from Superdome lease talks with the state of Louisiana last month, and only a few days later, one of Benson’s attorney’s, Stanley Rosenberg, told a San Antonio newspaper that he believed Benson would like to move the team near the city where he has a home. Benson and the state have reached an impasse over the team’s lease agreement with the Superdome, but we’re told SMG, the company that operates the stadium, isn’t taking the saber-rattling from Benson seriously, telling reporters, “This is what NFL teams do.� Rosenberg claims Benson has received interest in buying the team, with one bid at more than $1 billion. The Saints can legally break their current lease, which runs through 2010, after the 2005 season by repaying the $81 million the team received from the state during the first four years of the deal, which was signed in 2001. Although San Antonio may be just a bargaining ploy, a more realistic option down the road could be the Los Angeles area, which is nearly guaranteed to get an NFL team by the end of the decade.

Euphoria 06-13-2005 09:33 AM

RE: Don’t expect Saints to bolt for Texas in the near
At least this sort hits home what I have been saying...

BooBirdSaint 06-13-2005 12:35 PM

Sad thing is that at this point it really not a question of when but where. I don't really think that its as big a crap shoot as they make out... A choice between L.A. which is a three time looser with regard to holding an NFL team. A city with one of the highest personal income tax rates in the country along with highest in every other tax area. Vs. Texas where there is no personal income tax and a city that would be more then willing to build a "new" first class stadium. Last thing I read said that L.A. had not even decided on where an NFL team could play (Rose Bowl ruled out). Its only up to Benson at this point. And being an owner I doubt that he is concerned with the "fan" base in NO after reading that ticket sales are off 26k! If the Colts, Browns & Rams can do it then so can the Saints.

tiggerpolice 06-13-2005 01:14 PM

i don't think there gonna leave the city.....because they have to sweet of a deal now....i think hes just try ing to get a new stadium.... but i think benson knows that he may get a better stadium else where but not a better financial deal than the current one.....

Euphoria 06-13-2005 03:27 PM

Benson can try and move the team all he wants, and I really don't think he wants to, its just part of negociations. NORMAL, however even if Benson wants to move them he has to get NFL approval and I don't think he will get it. Here is why... NFL loves being in New Orleans, party atmosphere and they love having the Super Bowl there. The Saints are amoung one of the most profitable teams in the league with its nice contracts, why move a team out of that situation into one that is not proven or proven to be failure. NFL also wants new blood... new ownership in LA and not old/Benson!

BooBirdSaint 06-14-2005 08:02 AM

Hey don't get me wrong I like the Saints and I like them in The Big Easy. Benson has stated that its not about the money (doubt that seriously). But he said its about a new stadium. I think it has merit to want a new facility. The Super Dome was a great stadium back in the 80's and 90's but the city is gonna find it hard to compete for the Super Bowl with all the new and better stadiums in the league. Look at Houston. They have the original "Super Dome" and its sitting next to one of the best new stadiums in the league. As a result they have already hosted a the Super Bowl after just two years since being built! Not bad and the team only had to kick in a small share for the build price as most came from hey you guessed it taxes. And these taxes were you guessed it again on hotel, dinning and taxi bills. The general public was not exposed to the direct cost of building one of the best facilities in the league. And guess what N.O. is not a contender for another Super Bowl until after 2009!!! The gravey train is pulling into the station and someone gotta get on or this train will head for another location.

Euphoria 06-14-2005 09:45 AM

Its always about the money... The general public is the one who pays for such stadiums/domes in taxes... it always comes down to taxes. Actually 2009 was just announced so next year the committee choose the 2010 Super Bowl and NO isn't a contender for that one until a long-term deal is in place.

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