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ScottyRo 03-07-2003 09:25 PM

Special Teams solidified with signings
Saints re-signed K John Carney and P Mitch Berger. Both were signed to 5-year contracts:

Now will we finally get moving on some other free agent issues like saftey and top-tier conerback?

WhoDat 03-08-2003 11:42 AM

Special Teams solidified with signings
To answer your question - I doubt it. They may address needs at corner, linebacker, safety, and defensive tackle, but they won\'t be top-tier payers that we bringing. Haslett likes his projects.

Does anyone find it interesting that in the last two years we\'ve alienated two left tackles? Hhmm, what\'s different that could cause left tackles to be upset? I\'ll give you a hint - it\'s starts with an \'A\', ends with an \'S\', and has \'aron Brook\' in the middle. I\'m sure I\'ll hear it from Saintsfan for this one, but I find it very interesting that the Saints are willing to give away two of the better left tackles in the league in two years, forcing them to make a fairly large free agent signing at thtat position. Will Gandy be fed up with Aaron and Haslett\'s special treatment in a year or two?

ScottyRo 03-08-2003 12:44 PM

Special Teams solidified with signings
It is entirely possible that some of the problems surrounding the Saints\' LT position is caused by the players\' frustration with AB. But if you look at the situations with Turley and Roaf both players had personal troubles that have led to their interest in leaving.

Roaf had wanted to leave for several years, but was convinced to stay when the Haslet regime arrived. He gave them a couple of years to show hat things were going to be different and in the end I think he didn\'t believe a real change had occured. Plus, the situation with his wife and child made it much easier to leave and get a fresh start elsewhere.

Turley on the other hand has apparently been alienating his teammates with his attitude and making NFL and Saints management grow weary of his complaints anf threats. But there is obviously something deeper here than that which could be Turley\'s frustration with how Haslet handles Brooks.

True enough, if Gandy leaves in a year or two without the off-field distractions that Roaf and Turley went through, we\'d have a much better case that Haslets\' treatment of AB is alienating the players at that position. For now let\'s hope it\'s just a strange coincidence.

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