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ssmitty 06-14-2005 05:07 PM

i need hardcore...............
honest opinions.............
in your eyes, who will be the rookie coming into the league with the least attention, meaning basically no names, who will shine? these are the diamonds yet to be unearthed..........
now, i will have to agree with papz on chase, but that's water under the bridge, take it from there..........
show me the diamonds yet to be discovered...........smitty

papz 06-14-2005 05:23 PM

RE: i need hardcore...............
Kind of hard to comment on other team's rookies, but we have one ourselves. 5th rounder A-Mac is a raw qb with star potential... I would say he would qualify. I know some people spoke about Roydell Williams during the draft saying he would be a steal for someone... he could be one. Another I would say a Chris Canty from Dallas... he has great size for a DE in a 3-4. Remember if not for an injury riddled season, he would have been drafted much higher.

So many players out there... Division 2 guys, undrafted free agents, NFL Euro guys... whoever puts in the time and dedication. We'll see as the season goes along. It's so hard to tell unless you've followed these players throughout there college career... especially if they come from small school programs.

ssmitty 06-14-2005 06:05 PM

dam it papz, i was saving tulane's williams as one of my own. if you're gonna go with qb's, amac probably had the most hype being drafted.....stay with the unknow qb's............smitty

Euphoria 06-14-2005 06:11 PM

How can ya not go with Jamal Brown being our rookie of the year!!!

ssmitty 06-14-2005 06:13 PM

while we're on the subject papz, let's go back a few yrs.
i was at an smu-kansas game.............
as usual, smu was getting their azz kicked...........
kansas had a fullback that took up the entire backfield......
when they handed it off to him, i swear, 6 smu guys were hanging on as he gave them a ride downfield........he did this on almost every occasion.
and i thought to myself, damn, the saints need to draft this guy......
and you know what? they did............
and he never really became anything to speak of, but did play for a few yrs. care to guess who he was? smitty

FireVenturi 06-14-2005 06:23 PM

Does Roddy White-Wr-Atl-count?

ssmitty 06-14-2005 06:28 PM

unknowns, unknowns. or little heard're in the top 2 picks.
bring it down pass the 5th or unsigned.............smitty

papz 06-14-2005 06:38 PM

I'll make this list of players btw the 5th - 7th rounds:


6th rounder - Derek Anderson has a big time arm and great size. He comes from a good program and just needs to work on not zoning in on one player when reading his patterns. I think he's a big sleeper if Boller doesn't live up to his potential.

7th rounder - Ryan Fitzpatrick is the qb from Harvard who's smart as hell. He'll pick up that St.Louis offense in no time. Kurt Warner made it, Marc Bulger made it... so I don't see why Ryan couldn't.

Running backs:

7th rounder - Anthony Davis was very productive in college. I think people are down on him because of his size. He reminds me a lot of James' backup Dominic Rhodes. And if Rhodes can run for 1000 yards when James was injured, I don't see why Davis couldn't in that spread offense either.

Wide Receivers:

5th rounder - Rasheed Marshall who has drawn comparisons to Randle El, another former college do it all quarterback. He certainly has the athletic ability to make a successful transition.

5th rounder - Airese Currie is considered a burner. Small in stature but physical attributes very similiar to Devery Henderson. Extremely fast with questionable hands.

6th rounder - Chad Owens was Timmy Chang's favorite receiver at Hawaii. Big time playmaker for a big time passing offense. I think his 40 time wasn't too impressive but speed isn't everything. Michael Clayton and Boldin run in the 4.6s.


6th rounder - Bo Scaife has very good hands but has a history of knee problems throughout his career at Texas. Still a big guy with soft hands who will probably provide solid depth for the Titans for the next couple of years.

Offensive lineman:

5th-7th rounders always have a chance to become solid NFL players. That take a little time to develop but look at every NFL line out there and you'll see there was a diamond in the rough on their line. Classic examples are the Patriots and Chargers line for the past couple of years.

Ahhhh... if I do an defensive side of the ball too, it's gonna be to stinking long! I'm tired of typing! :? I'll do defense some other time... researching stinks!

saintswhodi 06-14-2005 06:38 PM

Yes papz, that was me calling for Roydell. Who did you play up again? :wink: We missed big time on that one. I look for Antaaj Hawthorne, who dropped to the what, 5th round, to make an impact.

papz 06-14-2005 06:44 PM

Yes sw... I remember. :P And you weren't the only one... Kiper was all over this guy for hours and hours before he was drafted. I'm rootin' for him because he's Tulane guy but remember... we don't know how productive he's going to be yet! Ha! Remember JuJuan Dawson?!

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