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saintswhodi 06-17-2005 12:18 PM

Possibly closer to Howard/Simon trade?
I am probably reading too much into this, but...


The Eagles have a meeting scheduled today with Manuel Wright, a defensive tackle from Southern California who will be available in the NFL's supplemental draft on July 14.
-- Philadelphia Inquirer

Why would they care about him if they weren't planning something for Simon, who still has not signed his franchise tender? Just a thought....

Euphoria 06-17-2005 12:25 PM

RE: Possibly closer to Howard/Simon trade?
OMG... the first one on the top of the list about Red using money from the sale of the Vikings to become shareholder of the Saints. What a scapegoat using "some people" instead of siting sources. Many reasons not to believe that one is that. NFL may not let him do it. Benson's has sights of his on ken inheriting the Saints.

saintswhodi 06-17-2005 12:26 PM

They have been floating that Red rumor since he first decided to sell, I even posted a few articles. I don't believe it.

Euphoria 06-17-2005 01:26 PM

Yeah I agree with you, Benson recieved some potential offers before and had flat out refused them, he loves owning the Saints and I don't see him giving up any part of them, not even to one of his GM's Mueller.

Euphoria 06-17-2005 01:30 PM

I still remain on the fence about the trade potential. I don't see it happening. I am not fully up to speed on the situation with the contracts ect. but I am aware the Saints want Draft pick for Howard they remain firm on that and not interested in a player. But hey, anything can happen... if something goes down and with Hakim situation looks like the Saints have had a busy schedule of late.

spkb25 06-17-2005 01:43 PM

might as well try to sign him to a long contract at this point. then maybe we can trade him still. can't hurt to have such quality at de. whats up with willie whitehead. i really like him as a situational player. we could have a really good line. would be even better with sully doing something. but i even heard that they expected leisle to make soe contributions his year. how much i don't know because i read he was mainly a back up out of college. green played pretty well last year i thought. but i do agree we need help at dt. heres hoping to get something out of the meatball sully.

WhoDat 06-17-2005 02:01 PM

Have you seen pictures of Whitehead recently? The guy was always a beast, but I think he's even bigger. The Saints list him at DT and he can probably play it. If he's up around 310... I'll take Grant, Whitehead, Howard, and Smith on passing downs thank you very much. Young, Green, Whitehead, and these new guys Jefferson and ??? seem like a good start. I exclude Sullivan b/c he won't see the field unless somebody throws a hotdog from the stands.

spkb25 06-17-2005 02:20 PM

my god whodat what speed would that be. jesus that is scary. lol about the hotdog. if i get down there i might try to see if he gets on the field when i throw one lol.

blake6900 06-18-2005 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by spkb25
my god whodat what speed would that be. jesus that is scary. lol about the hotdog. if i get down there i might try to see if he gets on the field when i throw one lol.

Yep, speed's a great thing but, like I always say, the bad thing about speed is it can get you to the wrong place sooner. Overrunning plays, not staying at how, etc. can be just as damaging if not moreso than being slow.

Euphoria 06-18-2005 11:53 AM

yeah you need to have the right mix of speed and size. You need a beefy line and speedster to offset that. 32 teams and 31 different opponets, you need to battle upfront when it counts and or be able to use your speed for slower opponets.

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