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tiggerpolice 06-19-2005 10:27 AM

Hakim agrees to one-year deal
Hakim agrees to one-year deal
Saints expecting to sign veteran receiver in coming few days
Sunday, June 19, 2005
By Mike Triplett
Staff writer
The Saints have verbally agreed to a one-year contract with free-agent receiver Az-Zahir Hakim and plan to finalize the deal Monday or Tuesday, according to General Manager Mickey Loomis and Hakim's agent, Bruce Tollner.

The amount of money was not disclosed. But on Friday, Kansas City Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil indicated that the Saints offered Hakim a better deal than the Chiefs, who were offering close to the veteran minimum.

"It's a better opportunity," Tollner responded, when asked if Vermeil was accurate. "He had two good opportunities, and he felt like New Orleans was the best fit."

Hakim, 28, is expected to compete with second-year player Devery Henderson, among others, to be the Saints' third receiver. The Saints have been looking to add a veteran receiver for several weeks, having let Jerome Pathon go after last season.

Hakim had agreed to a contract with the Chiefs last week and even practiced with the team, but the deal fell through.

Hakim visited the Saints before going to Kansas City, and Tollner said Hakim "continued to evaluate his opportunities" last week.

Loomis said he assumed Hakim would sign with the Chiefs, but when the deal fell through, "he called us back and asked if we were still interested, and we said yes."

Loomis declined further comment on Hakim until the deal is completed. Hakim, who is at home in Southern California, was not available for comment.

Hakim, 5 feet 10, 189 pounds, has been mostly a No. 3 receiver in his seven years with the St. Louis Rams and Detroit Lions, averaging 40 catches, 550 yards and four touchdowns over the past six seasons.

He put up his best numbers in 1999 and 2000, stretching the field for the Rams' potent offense. He also has returned punts for most of his career.

The Lions made Hakim a starter after signing him as a free agent in 2002, but a dislocated hip limited him to 10 games that season. He started 12 games in 2003 and five last season, missing four games with back, hip and finger injuries.

Detroit released him after this year's draft, in which they selected receiver Mike Williams in the first round. Hakim was scheduled to make $2.5 million this year.

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Mike Triplett can be reached at or (504) 826-3381.

Euphoria 06-19-2005 10:58 AM

RE: Hakim agrees to one-year deal
something's not right... Hakim didn't want a one year deal in KC... and now we are going to sign him for one year???

daniel 06-19-2005 11:28 AM

I think he wanted to be given a chance to start. In KC they would not hand him a starting job. In NO I think he will be given the number 3 job.

AllSaints 06-19-2005 12:02 PM

i dont like it... something just isnt right...

saintswhodi 06-19-2005 12:29 PM


The amount of money was not disclosed. But on Friday, Kansas City Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil indicated that the Saints offered Hakim a better deal than the Chiefs, who were offering close to the veteran minimum.
There's your answers.

mayoj 06-19-2005 01:04 PM

It must only be about money bc I'm sure they told him he would start in KC as well bc they didn't want D. Hall in at WR that much. Actually, even though I think he will start at #3 for us, I would say the chances were better for him to start at KC.

I am glad we aren't giving him a multi-year contract; It'll be interesting to see what we are giving him. Doesn't seem like the $$ difference can be that great to jump ship on the KC deal.

jnormand 06-19-2005 01:09 PM

Someone had brought this up on another thread...would like you guys' opinions. If we sign Hakim, doesn't that mean Beerman or T. Gardner could get cut? I like the idea of another veteran on the team, but not at the expense of Beerman. Gardner has potential to be a good #3 WR in a season or two. If one of these guys gets cut, I won't like the idea of the Hakim deal.

spkb25 06-19-2005 03:54 PM

well as long as we didn't pay ridiculous i don't have a problem bringing in a vet. he gives us help if we loose someone. i hope we didnt pay him more then we could have signed pathon for. i would have preferred pathon in that case.

daniel 06-19-2005 04:35 PM

If someone is cut, I think it will be the Beerman. I heard JH talk several times last year about ML not picking his feet up and being brought down by arm tackle. I think the coaches want someone who can hit the hole on punts and not be brought down by the first contact evertime. I like ML, I just think if someone goes it will be him for that one reason.

FireVenturi 06-19-2005 04:35 PM

i agree with jnorm, but i think devery might also have a chance of gettin da axe.

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