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Danno 06-20-2005 11:28 AM

7 WR's?
Just a thought.
With a 53 man roster we typically go 25 offense, 25 defense and 3 special teams (K,P,LS)
Gleason and McAfee were on the roster strictly for their ST contributions. I think Gleason has gotten enough experience to replace McAfee as the ST captain. We have a lot of solid young players that can play special teams.

I think we may keep a Talman Gardner type instead of a McAfee now. I think we can keep 7 WR's since two excel on special teams. And our O-line looks like we can get by with 8 since so many can play multiple positions.

That would leave us
3 QB
7 WR
3 TE
8 OL
I think we're gonna keep 7 WR's, but technically 5 WR's and two ST players.
Horn, Stallworth, Henderson, Hakim, Poole, Lewis (ST), Gardner(ST)

I think Gardner makes the team as a ST / WR, unless he keeps dropping balls all day in practice.

coastalkid 06-20-2005 12:55 PM

Very impressive thought here. Sounds logical. The more I think about this the more it appeals to me. Wish it could be passed on to the front office. Good job dano

Euphoria 06-20-2005 01:02 PM

yes makes sense.

WhoDat 06-20-2005 01:51 PM

Nice point Danno. I'd guess that, barring injury, we'll keep 6 WRs and 9 o-linemen, given their concern with that position. But if you assume the 5 current starters plus the losers of Gandy/Stinchcomb and Holland/Jaycox, plus the two all-NFLE linemen, that's 9. I'd give up Gardner for that stability along the line.

AllSaints 06-20-2005 07:23 PM

i like it.

AllSaints 06-20-2005 07:24 PM

i like it.

JKool 06-21-2005 12:39 PM

It comes down to what we need on ST whether we keep the extra WR/RB vs. the OLiman. OL plays on ST too, so a big guy who can hustle and keep our DEs fresh (rather than having to make it down the field on ST) is a benefit.

It strikes me that Jimmy Williams may be a factor here too. Backup CBs play a role on ST too. Perhaps, given our CB situation we'll keep an extra CB, instead of a WR?

I agree with Danno that McAfee is probably the odd man out. In fact, until Gleason was unavailable for a few games, Fred wasn't on the roster last year. I like the old man, but my guess is he gets squeezed.

I also think that it is possible we'll keep a 4th TE instead. Boo can play ST, with his speed, as can Hall.

I'd like to see us keep the extra WR, but I'm not sure that it'll happen. OL is too valuable, and there are many speedsters on our roster.

Euphoria 06-21-2005 12:52 PM

Freddie Mac will be around this year...

WhoDat 06-21-2005 02:23 PM

Hey Kool - does it strike you as a little more than coincidence that in 2002 our special teams units were real good (McAfee was on the team), in 2003 and early 2004 they dropped off considerably (No McAfee), but managed to be resurgent late last season (with McAfee)????

Fred's days are probably numbered, but I don't know that a single guy has single-handedly affected our ST units as much as Freddie did over the years since Morten Anderson.

JKool 06-22-2005 10:13 AM


I fully agree. However, just based on the facts that they let him go last season and Gleason has a whole year more experience, I'm going to guess that Freddie is the guy who doesn't make it.

Nothing against him. I like McAfee a lot, and I think he brings a lot to the ST. But, he is the most expendible, as he doesn't really play a role as a back up RB, whereas Gardner, Williams, Lewis, and Gleason are all viable players at other positoins (WR, CB, WR, and S respectively).

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