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Tobias-Reiper 06-25-2005 05:51 PM

..guess the rap song made an impression on you...

... but when was the last time the Saints were cause of concern around the league? Now all of the sudden they are going to inspire "terror" on opposing teams? Or is it the fans that are going to "terrorize" the other teams?

... as for the No Fun League argument:

... yes the NFL has clampled down on things like endzone celebrartions... but let's face it, if you are a Saints fan, considering the defensive play of the Saints the past 4 seasons, do you really want to see the other team celebrating all those TDs?

... The XFL had all the fun you wanted: strippers posing as cheerleaders mingling with the drunken fans, endzone celebrations, fake crowd noise, no unsportsmanlike rules... and what happened to it? It lasted one year.. I wonder what such a fun league was lacking... oh, yeah, football ...

... while I like going to the game for the whole athmosphere thing, still the reason I watch the game is to watch, well, the game... I want to see football, not taunting... if I wanted to see taunting between non-talented hacks, I would watch the MBA...

papz 06-25-2005 06:53 PM

If I really have to think about it... the only times when it gets real loud is when Deuce gets the ball or the Beerman makes a nice return. We definately need to make more noise when the opposing team is on offense. Hopefully we'll see some change this year and they give us a little something to cheer about.

jnormand 06-25-2005 06:59 PM

I want to see the Dome packed again. I remember even in 90's when the dome was so loud the refs would penalize the Saints for the crowd noise. Then everyone would get louder. Some of the players would be pleading for the fans to quiet down. That was fantastic. If the Saints start winning games and the defense does some great things, the Dome can get loud again. Lets hope this is the case!!

FireVenturi 06-26-2005 07:49 PM

As a season ticket holder I find the dome rocks until sumptin typical a dumb play or a bad call. Also if we can get most of the people in the plaza and club level actin a fool like the peeps above them it would be insane!!!!!!!!!

BigBull45 06-27-2005 06:54 AM

If you didn't attend games in the 80's and early 90's, then you ain't seen or heard the dome rock yet. Lately with all the no shows (mainly because the front office gets rid of a butt load of tickets right before each game by selling them to someone like a casino or someone who uses them for promotional purposes. This insures a sellout so they can say they extended their sellout streak.) there are hardly the # of people that use to pack the dome on Sundays. I understand the teams play hasn't exactly promoted ticket sales, but man it has really gotten bad. I think we the fans should start doing some things to jumpstart this joint and get things rockin in the dome again. Let's make the national media take notice by doing some things that haven't been seen around the league in a while. It's time for the common fan to take Sunday's back. No more of this bunch of people who only show up because their boss gave them tickets or they got comps because they spent a certain amount at the casino. Most of them could care less who wins the games. We need more people who feel like they are a part of the reason that certain things happen on the field. Fans high fiving each other because they rattled an opposing QB and forced him to panic in the pocket or make a bad decision costing his team. More people who make Saints players feel like there is a certain energy in the dome, an energy that gets them pumped out of their minds. Fans who really care, and feel as if they are just as much a part of the game as the teams playing. The PR people in the organization need to have less chicken dancin going on in the stadium, and more pumpin up the crowd with rockin anthems that relate to saints football. The team needs to feel a certain pride about playing at home. I feel like it's our job to give them that feeling. So let's have more whistles blowing, umbrellas twirling, fans dressed in their best get ups, and more chants of who dat, who dat, who dat say dey gon beat dem saints! let's create our own version of the black hole! Teams won't want to see our fiesty cajun a$$es anymore!

BigBull45 06-27-2005 10:11 AM

The Terror Dome Song would be a great anthem to get the fans pumped.

you could actually change the lyrics slightly to fit the bill.

We got so much trouble on our minds
We refuse to lose
Get your tickets
Watch the crowd get wicked

You step in our zone
When you play at our home
Welcome to the Terror Dome

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