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dannymac909 07-02-2005 05:01 AM

Ashley Ambrose discusses Saints on Sirius radio
Ashley Ambrose was on Sirius radio earlier today with John Riggins and Adam Shine. Ambrose just signed with the Chiefs but the majority of his interview concerned his time with the Saints. The following are some statements he made about the Saints.(Bear in mind these are paraphrased to the best of my memory as it was a radio show).

1. He claimed the biggest problem with the Saints was lack of maturity. He claimed they were too apathetic to be a consistent winner.

2. Riggins repeatedly asked him to name names but Ambrose would not
except for Johnathan Sullivan (who he mentioned several times).
Ambrose went on to claim that Johnathan Sullivan was a supremely
immense talent who has put forth no effort whatsoever. He went on to
speculate that prehaps Sullivan was too well paid to be concerned with
his performance. Ambrose claimed Sullivan could be a pro bowl player
if he got his mind right.

3. Riggins asked Ambrose if Aaron Brooks was a problem and Ambrose
said that Brooks was a positive for the team. Ambrose claimed that
Brooks had gotten a bad rap and handled the criticism like a pro.
Ambrose stated that the route-running by the wide recievers last year
was very poor and in turn made Brooks look bad. When drilled by
Riggins on which recievers Ambrose declined to name names. Adam
Shine asked Ambrose if Brooks could lead the Saints to a Super Bowl,
to which Ambrose gave a hesitant yes.

4. Ambrose had nothing but great things to say about Jim Haslett. He said
that he was well prepared as well as a great guy. The only negative he
brought up concerning Haslett was that he was too much of a players
coach. He gave in to the players a lot as far as how things were run. He
tried to keep everyone happy. Ambrose went on to say that when there
was a problem with a player (he once again mentioned Sullivan) that
Haslett would enlist a veteran to approach the player in question
instead of doing it himself. Ambrose claimed that on several occasions
that he and Wayne Gandy were asked by Haslett to speak to players.
Ambrose also said that he felt that Haslett had finally learned his lesson
about being so non-confrontional and would be more aggressive in this
upcoming season.

5. Ambrose said that in his 13 year career that Sammy Knight and Jay
Bellamy were the best safties he had ever played with.

6. Adam Shine stated he thoght the Saints could win the division this year.

7. John Riggins said he would take Jim Haslett in a fist fight over every NFL
head coach except for Jack Del Rio. Actually his final four were Haslett,
Del Rio, Tice, and Cowher with Del Rio defeating Haslett in the finals.

dberce1 07-02-2005 06:54 AM

nice post dmac, always nice to get the inside scoop from a players perspective.

LordOfEntropy 07-02-2005 09:20 AM

Good post. I respect Ambrose, always have.

papz 07-02-2005 09:59 AM

#1 I guess he was also immature and pathetic too. After all, he has been part of this organization for quite some time. Being a 13 year plus vet, he should have done his part to provide leadership. He failed and so did his career here in New Orleans.

#2 I agree but I see it's great to be pointing fingers. If you look at what he did here, he didn't fare so well either.

#3 Horn? Nah couldn't be. Stallworth? Maybe, but I think his inconsistency was more of dropping balls. Pathon? He runs routes well and occasionaly drops a few balls here and there. So who the heck is he talking about? Our tightends maybe? Sounds like a bogus excuse to me. No one forced him to throw the ball backwards. Brooks and Superbowl in the same sentence? Wow... Ambrose is a pretty bright guy. :roll:

#4 Haslett has kept Venturi around for one too many years. Enough said.

#5 What is this guy smoking? That's why we give up too many big plays downfield and why teams turn quicks slants into 20 yard gains on us.

#6 Who's Adam Shine? I think we can but Team Vick will probably come out on top. We'll get the wildcard spot though.

#7 Agreed. Jack still looks like he's in football shape. Not to mention he's much younger.

FireVenturi 07-02-2005 11:23 AM

jack would kick the carp out of all them!!!!

dannymac909 07-02-2005 02:33 PM

I liked Ambrose in his first stint with the Saints, not so much in his second go around. I also liked the fact that he is from New Orleans. He may help the Chiefs but I felt like the Saints made the right move in letting him go.

Danno 07-02-2005 04:03 PM

Kinda funny, but not really...

All those Turley worshippin losers here blasting Haz and this org as mickey mouse outfit gets some more respect from an x-player and we don't here carp from them.


Hey dud's, where yat?

TallySaint 07-02-2005 07:42 PM

When interviewed on Sun Sports here in Florida last week, Ambrose commented that the Saints won't accomplish much until players lose the "me" attitude.

He also had a comical take on "The Fight on the Flight".

I don't know much about him as a personality. Seemed to be somewhat level-headed....

I dunno.


WhoDat 07-05-2005 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by Danno
Kinda funny, but not really...

All those Turley worshippin losers here blasting Haz and this org as mickey mouse outfit gets some more respect from an x-player and we don't here carp from them.


Hey dud's, where yat?

I'm sorry. I must have missed in that post where it was even remotely insinuated that Ambrose had said a thing about the Saints FO. He praised Haslett. OK. Haven't the Mickey Mouse comments been directed at the FO, and more specifically Mickey "Mouse" Loomis? Bean counting, mismanagement, etc...?

mayoj 07-05-2005 02:41 PM

I have more respect for Ambrose now than I did before I heard about this interview. He was able to say a ton of information without pointing fingers (except Sully who uncontroversially deserves it) and spoke about the teams true problems. The maturity factor is huge. That's why guys like Boo can have a pretty good year and then eat crap the next year bc they think they are superstars.

Even his words on Haslett seemed dead on. We've seen Has soften up and then realize his mistakes and lay down the law, resulting in a year-ending four game win streak.

Overall, one can't knock Ambrose for anything he said. He was respectful, insightful, and old.

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