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zachsaints52 07-05-2005 04:35 PM

Saw this on another forums and all, if this happens it would be crazy.

Moss and Owens? My god, think of that combination.

no_cloning 07-05-2005 06:17 PM

RE: Rumor
Not going to happen. The rumor is a few days old and has been shot down over and over again. The Raiders can't eat the Porter's $7 million signing bonus which they would have to if they trade him.
Whoever puts those two egomaniacs on one team has another thing coming anyway. Just because Al Davis likes to make waves doesn't mean he has completely lost his mind (although that thought has crossed mine more than once in the past).

CheramieIII 07-05-2005 08:07 PM

RE: Rumor
Never happen:

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