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milestonesoul 07-10-2005 11:02 PM

RE: The real facts about our team
wow, thats what I call taking that positive four game win streak and crapping all over it. A win is a win, I dont care who you beat or how many points you did it by, its still a win.

With all the pain that came along with last season in watching the saints play, do you really think the Rams had a better team then the saints? Im just curious to get your view on it?

TheDeuce 07-11-2005 01:19 AM

RE: The real facts about our team
No, the Saints had a much better team than the Rams, but we just got screwed, damn NYJ.

However, Bikoff's right about the last 4 games. Absolutely right. The Bucs were awful (5th worst in the NFL) and we had to have a miracle comeback to squeak by them. The Cowboys were pretty bad themselves and they played an awful game (I was in attendance and I though people were going to go down on the turf and strangle Vinny Testaverde). The Falcons were playing without any incentive, and also without their three best offensive players (Vick, Crumpler, and Duckett). Beating the Falcons shouldn't say anything. The Carolina game was the only game that I believe should be something Saints fans can be proud of. Carolina had a playoff berth to fight for, so you know they were going all-out. But those other three games (2 crappy teams and a practice squad)? Nothing to be proud of.

WhoDat 07-12-2005 08:33 AM

RE: The real facts about our team
I tend to agree with his assessment of the final four games.

While I think that the defense definitely showed signs of improvement, and the team as a whole was playing better football, I still think it is unwise of the Saints to base their entire offseason plan for the defense on those 4 games. I mean, you decide to ignore the defense's steady decline over the last four SEASONS because of four games, three of which were against questionable competition????

The offense did need attention, no question. But the offense had its worst year in the last 5 last season and it finished 15th. That's three places higher than ANY Saints defense has finished in the last 4 seasons. Come on! I'm not saying that the current team cannot be successful, I think it can be. However, we all know that a major key to success in the NFL is stopping the run. Given how bad we've been at that, and given how bad our DTs and LBs have played in recent years, and given the fact that our starting LBs might average less that a year of starting experience in the NFL, and given that outside of B Young, our DTs are all extremely young as well, it seems like quite a risk to me to base your offseason personnel strategies on the last four games of last year.

4saintspirit 07-12-2005 08:41 AM

Unfortunately the last 4 games were a joke -- only one that really meant anything was the Panthers game because they were playing for a playoff spot, were at home, and were hot -- and we almost blew the game after starting off with a big lead -- don't get me wrong -- I was happy to get the 4 wins just that it doesn't really mean much in terms of this year -- Now if we start off the year with 4 wins I will be all :lol:

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