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Top 10 QB's

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Pros: Never has missed a game in seven-year career. He threw for NFL-record 49 TDs last year. He has thrown at least 4,000 yards in six straight seasons. Receiving trio of Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and ...

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Top 10 QB's

1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis
Pros: Never has missed a game in seven-year career. He threw for NFL-record 49 TDs last year. He has thrown at least 4,000 yards in six straight seasons. Receiving trio of Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Brandon Stokley return for third straight season.
Cons: Hasn't rushed for more than 38 yards or scored a TD in the last two years.
Draft Range: Picks 1-6
Injury History: None.
Key Stat: Has thrown for at least 300 yards or three touchdowns 24 times in the last 48 games.
Two Words: 49 touchdowns
Conclusion: His owners will have no worries at quarterback, excluding the Week 8 bye.

2. Daunte Culpepper, Minnesota
Pros: Led NFL in passing yards (4,717). Threw 39 TDs last year. Had only 11 interceptions in each of the past two seasons. He's rushed for at least 400 yards in five straight years.
Cons: A victim of expectations, he's averaging only three rushing TDs over last two years after scoring 10 in '02. He will be missing Randy Moss and his 90 touchdowns.
Draft Range: Picks 16-24
Injury History: Has missed seven games in past five years (two in '03 and five in '01)
Key Stat: Finished among top fantasy quarterbacks in Weeks 10 (363 yards and four TDs) and 11 (233 yards and two TD) without Randy Moss.
Two Words: Fantasy Eater
Conclusion: Is a top three fantasy quarterback without Moss. His combination of passing and rushing skills is the league's best.

3. Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia
Pros: Threw for eighth-most yards (3,875) and third-most TDs (31). He ran for fourth-most yards (220) and second-most TDs (3). Terrell Owens is his primary receiver.
Cons: Rushing yards have dwindled since his ankle injury in '02. He more than doubled his rushing yards in '02 (460) during 10 games than he ran in 15 contests last year (220).
Draft Range: Picks 16-24
Injury History: He missed six games in '02 with ankle injury.
Key Stat: He threw 15 more TDs last season with the addition of Owens.
Two Words: Thank Owens
Conclusion: He's part of a trio of quarterbacks worth taking in the first three rounds.

4. Michael Vick, Atlanta
Pros: Led NFL in rushing yards by a QB (902) and ranked 23rd among all players. Tied for most 100-yard rushing games by a QB in a season (3).
Cons: Twenty-five quarterbacks threw for more yards than Vick (2,313) last season and 23 passed for more TDs (14) than him last season. He has never thrown for 3,000 yards.
Draft Range: Picks 16-24
Injury History: Has missed 13 games in the past three seasons, including 11 in '03 with a leg injury.
Key Stat: Boom or Bust: Vick threw or ran for a TD in eight of 15 games.
Two Words: Keep Running
Conclusion: Vick can lead owners to victory in one week but fizzle when he's shut down running.

5. Trent Green, Kansas City
Pros: Passed for the league's second-most yards (4,591) and seventh-most TDs (27), setting career marks. He is entering his fifth year with the high-scoring Chiefs, which finished as the No. 1 offense last year. Has one of the NFL's best offensive lines blocking for him (allowed league's seventh-fewest sacks).
Cons: Threw the NFL's third-most interceptions (17).
Draft Range: Picks 48-60
Injury History: Missed '99 season when he tore his ACL injury.
Key Stat: Had nine games where he threw for at least 300 yards or three touchdowns last season.
Two Words: Seeing Green
Conclusion: Green throws frequently in one of the NFL's most consistent high-scoring offenses. He likely will rank as one of the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks.

6. Brett Favre, Green Bay
Pros: Has never missed a game in 14 seasons. He has averaged 30.3 touchdowns in past four seasons. He threw for NFL's fifth-most yards (4,088) last year.
Cons: Will turn 36.
Draft Range: Picks 48-60
Injury History: None.
Key Stat: Threw for at least two touchdowns in nine games.
Two Words: Mr. Consistency
Conclusion: Javon Walker has emerged as one of the league's top receivers while Donald Driver remains a stable target. Favre continues to be one of the NFL's top quarterbacks and can be counted on to score consistent fantasy stats.

7. Jake Plummer, Denver
Pros: Passed for NFL's fourth-most yards (4,089) and seventh-most TDs (27). Also ran for fifth-most yards (202).
Cons: Threw the most interceptions (20) last season.
Draft Range: Picks 48-60
Injury History: Missed four games in '03 with shoulder and foot injury, two games in '00 and four games in '99.
Key Stat: Threw for at least 250 yards or two touchdowns in 11 games.
Two Words: Right Offense
Conclusion: Plummer is comfortable in Denver's system tailored with rollouts and quick passes. He plays despite injuries and is a legitimate fantasy threat leading this established offense under coach Mike Shanahan.

8. Kerry Collins, Oakland
Pros: Will be throwing to the NFL's most dangerous wideout Moss. He's a proficient deep passer. He completed 61 passes of 20 yards or more in '02 as full-time starter (Manning had 68 last year).
Cons: Threw the league's most interceptions (20) last season.
Draft Range: Picks 60-72
Injury History: Missed three games in '03 with a sprained ankle after starting 67 straight.
Key Stat: Averaged 258 passing yards and threw 16 touchdowns in the last seven games.
Two Words: Throw Long
Conclusion: Collins is entering this season as the starter with Rich Gannon departing. He has one of the most talented pair of receivers in Moss and Jerry Porter.

9. Drew Brees, San Diego
Pros: Threw the seventh-most touchdowns (27), tying Green and Plummer. Only threw seven interceptions. He has arguably the league's best teammates at running back and tight end.
Cons: Had 11 touchdowns and 15 interceptions two years ago and was demoted.
Draft Range: Picks 72-84
Injury History: None.
Key Stat: Passed for at least 200 yards and two touchdowns in eight of 15 games started.
Two Words: No Mistakes
Conclusion: Defenses concentrate on stopping LaDainian Tomlinson, allowing Brees to run an efficient passing offense with few turnovers. The receiving trio of Antonio Gates, Keenan McCardell and Tomlinson will ensure he puts up consistent stats.

10. Marc Bulger, St. Louis
Pros: Had sixth-most passing yards (3,964) in 14 games. He throws to a dynamic pair of receivers Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce. He ran for seven touchdowns over past two seasons.
Cons: Was sacked the league's third-most (41). He missed two games last season.
Draft Range: Picks 72-84
Injury History: Missed two games with an injured right hip in '03.
Key Stat: Threw for 250 yards in at least 11 games.
Two Words: Pass Happy
Conclusion: As long as the Rams' philosophy is to throw frequently, Bulger is a safe choice to generate 250-yard outputs. He's had a rapport with Holt and Bruce for 2 1/2 seasons. So, unless he's getting knocked down, he's usually a threat to pass for 300-plus yards and three scores.

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RE: Top 10 QB

08, Please help me.

I see two former Saints QBs on that list.

I don't see the incumbent or if you prefer the current Saints QB on that list.

What gives?

Stupid national media just can't see the big picture as it applies to Baby Boy Brooks.

Damn Media Bias!
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RE: Top 10 QB

Wait a second - you mean AB isn't even in the to p10 fantasy lists that only count yards and TDs and ignore important stats like QB rating and completion %????????

How then could he be in the top 10 for real? Quite an enigma, I'm sure...
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RE: Top 10 QB

I'm not saying AB should be in the top10 for real, but putting Favre, Plummer and Bulger ahead of him is stretching it. Putting Collins and Brees in the top10 is a joke. Brees might have been just a one year thing and you never know what Collins is going to do. AB didn't have a great year fantasy-wise in '04, but it was still good and it was his worst since '01. I don't see any reason to put some of the ones I've mentioned ahead of him unless you think the emphasis on running will hurt his stats.
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RE: Top 10 QB

i think they had him ranked 12 on that list.........
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Tom Brady isn't on this list, I'm having a hard time taking it seriously.
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Tom has been a great QB for winning games, but I don't think he's been a great from a fantasy perpective though he does hover arounf the 8-12 area.
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Tom Brady won too Superbowls back to back
and he is not a top 10 QB...WHATS UP WITH THAT?

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how in the hell is vick 4rth. get real. god i hope people draft him in the first round. what a waste. even with his running for nearly a 1000 yards last year his number suck. he is in my opinion the most over rated player in the league. great athlete just not a great qb. how many years will we here that line for.
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Vick throws for 150 a game. Bottom five in league stats in 2004. Not that stellar for fantasy folks.

If you can't get Manning, yer kerfuct. Grab a decent one and get Texan's Carr in late drafting rounds.

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