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saintswhodi 07-22-2005 08:43 AM

Something, ANYTHING besides AB
Whew, time to move on. This is an exciting time coming up cause training camp starts in a week. Despite my better judgment, I find myself fully excited for training camp and the season to start. Is anybody going to watch that can give us objective reports? Anywho, with training camp starting, that means there is a couple of weeks before the first preseason game, Aug. 12th. Being that it is the first game, we should get some idea to our boy's readiness, albeit on a limited scale. We all know once preseason starts, we are pretty much on the fast track to the season opener. It has been a long, tumultous, offseason. Many differing opinions on what needed to be done to fix the team, and what ailed the team in the first place. My apologies to any and all for the petty disagreements I have started, been a part of, and allowed to continue. I have been going stir crazy waiting for football to start. But the season is drawing closer. Could the schedule makers have picked a more volatile game to start us out the gate with? Seriously?

The one part of our team I am particularly excited to see play are our young LBs. I think they can make some hay. They may not move us into the upper echelon of defenses, but I think with a year under their belts, improved strength and conditioning on all their parts, and an entire offseason of work, they may have us playing stronger out the gate than we did last year. We still need a stud DT(hello trade Howard) or even a serviceable one, but our LBs may be able to bridge the void for a season. Besides, there are some good reports on Howard Green. Of course you have to temper your excitement about a one time street free agent being your starting DT, but hey, it's something. And Rodney Leisle has been said to be one of the strongest players on the team, if not the strongest. Hopefully a rotation of these guys and just solid play will be enough to help us.

All in all, to change the mood around here, I just wanna say I am genuinely excited about this upcoming season. This COULD be a good year for us. Of course every year COULD be a good year, but a lot of heads are on the line this season. A lot of jobs are at stake, for players and coaches. It doesn't seem like the status quo is flying any more. And Mr. Benson wants more leverage in his deal with the state, nothing better than a trip to the playoffs to provide it. But damn, it's almost here. A week til camp. Anybody else getting butterflies in their stomach yet?

papz 07-22-2005 09:04 AM

RE: Something, ANYTHING besides AB
I can't wait til we get daily updates on the progress of Sullivan and the rest of our young players. Hopefully the guy from the other Saints' forums that gave up video clips and pictures earlier this offseason, will come back and share some more footage with us.

ScottyRo 07-22-2005 09:15 AM

RE: Something, ANYTHING besides AB
Oh, yeah. Once June 1st comes and goes the NFL turns into a sort of ghost town for entertainment. To me it's the worst part of the year (June 15 til Camp) because there really isn't much new to discuss. I probably wont be making any camp practices or a preseason game, but I'll definitely be watching and re-watching those preseason games. I can hardly wait.

saintswhodi 07-22-2005 09:22 AM

Hey, we'll have Madden in a couple of weeks to speed it along as well, but man I am getting amped. Seeing A-Mac in a few preseason games, hopefully hearing some good nwes about Sully like papz said, there's a LOT of information to be digested starting next week, but I am sure fans of all teams think that.

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