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frankeefrank 07-28-2005 09:47 PM

You got a problem w/ our Stadium???
Off topic...
Any of you catch the article on best and worst stadiums?

IT set me off a little.
And I don't even live in NO.
Here's what I had to say regarding their choice of Rose Bowl #1 best, and The Superdome #1 worst.

(from my post)
I was born in Pasadena, and I am a Saints fan.
(Long story)
It's funny b/c I would have switched the two.
Yes the Rose Bowl has more history. But, you fail to mention the Parking and "To" stadium transportation.
If you plan on attending a game at the Rose Bowl, make sure it's UCLA-San Diego St. or make sure you get within in 5 miles 3 hours before game time.
Shuttles to the stadium make the travel in easy. But they also take you through the "not so great" part of Pasadena.
You miss the city's beauty.
HOWEVER, The Dome offers either a simple drive from I-10 with historic scenery. Or the much more memory-making walk through the stadium.
Sure the Dome is boring to the eye for most. But then again who looks around when all the action and well-wishers are sitting right next to you. I have been to the Dome 4 times. Each trip is better than ever.
I guess it's hard to understand that when you sit in a press box and aren't traveling as a fan.
Plus where was New Orleans on the list of best places to eat?
Moral of my story, it's not just about cement and bricks. IT's about the people.
For example,
I was visitng the Dome's bathrooms which are built for smurf sized people.
While standing in a "war and peace" long line...
I complained out loud, "This sucks.
Why is the wait so long?"
To which a NO native smiled and said, "so we have time to drink more beer."
Nuff said.

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