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TallySaint 08-01-2005 11:04 AM

ESPN - The Magazine Fantasy Preview
Deuce McAllister - New Orleans wants a more Deuce-centric O. No one combines size and power (read:yards and TDs) like this guy. #6 RB.

Aaron Brooks - Jake Plummer's long lost brother. Silly decisions, but he'll benefit from a streamlined O. #11 QB. FYI - Jake Plummer - The Snake has his critics - and a way with stats (4,089 in 2004). Fewer bonehead plays wouldn't hurt. #8 QB.

Joe Horn - We'd call him old (33), except he's tough (one missed game since '97) and quick and keeps improving. Maybe next year. #7 WR.

Donte' Stallworth - One of these years....One of these of...#37 WR.

John Carney - An old hand with a weakening leg. #20 K.

Saints Defense - Don't laugh. There's talent enough here for a sleeper: three good pass-rushers, swift linebackers and underated corners. #20 D.

Hints for Fantasy Draft Day...

1. Don't rely on a software program that tells you whom to pick next. Booorrring. Not to mention just plain wrong half the time.

2. What's worse than on overtired medical residents killing patients? Overtired fantasy owners making draft day blunders. Get abundant zzz's the night before the draft, even it means taking an Ambien.

3. Leave homework where it belongs. All you need is one piece of paper with your rankings by position. Everything else is just clutter.

4. Arrive at least 30 minutes early. Empty the bladder, fill the belly, call the wife, do whatever you need to do. It's only the most important day of the year.

5. For God's sake, pick a cool team name. Nothing worse than Tigers, Warriors or Wildcats. And no NFL monikers, either.

6. Sport some gear with your cool team name on it. Hat, T-Shirt, jockstrap, whatever. Remember, you get out what you put in.

7. If your pick is followed by another owner exclaiming, "Dagnabbit", make a mental note - he's likely to overpay for said pick in a trade. Either that or he's Yosemite Sam.

8. Torn between two players? Take the guy with more Monday Night Football games on his sked. Nothing worse than watching a lame Monday nighter.

9. Announce your pick the instant you're on the clock. It projects confidence and gives other owners less time. Besides, nobody likes a lollygagger.

10. Stay sober. Taking Roy Williams, Mike Williams, Reggie Williams, Boo Williams, Carnell Williams and William Green with your first six picks isn't funny the day after.

There ya go. 8)

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