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AllSaints 08-01-2005 10:15 PM

I was wonderin
What if deuce over plays his contract we could see a t.o. thing happen :wink:

petejg24 08-01-2005 10:24 PM

RE: I was wonderin
I dont believe we will see that from Duece. Duece is not T.O, Duece seems to be the kind of man that will honor his contract. He does have incentives built into the deal.

TheDeuce 08-02-2005 03:41 AM

RE: I was wonderin
There is no way that Deuce would ever act like T.O. (a huge brat who deserves a quick kick to the crotch and then an icy mug of "shut the hell up.") T.O. embarrassed himself, his agent, and his team; and it's all because he's a greedy smug piece of elephant crap. Deuce is a class act and the type of player that I would want my organization to be built around, so I don't think we will ever see Deuce pull a T.O.

RockyMountainSaint 08-02-2005 04:46 AM

RE: I was wonderin

What if deuce over plays his contract we could see a t.o. thing happen
Will not happen. He has shown class since he has been here.
When he was drafted in the first round by a team that already had Wiliams on their roster do you recall him complaining then?
The re-negotiation of his contract has not been big news because he doesn't have a big mouth.
He would have reported on time for camp with or without this contract extension.
Why would anyone question this man's ethics without cause?

Euphoria 08-02-2005 09:30 AM

RE: I was wonderin
out play his contract. Its like 2nd in RB's behind LT, don't think he will. If he even leads the league this year he is right where he should be. I don't see him giving any back if he underperforms.

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