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WhoDat 03-15-2003 01:19 PM

Last in the South
Well, with the Panthers picking up Stephen Davis and Jake Delhomme, we are now in the position where we either sign some defensive talent, or end up last in the South. Bye bye Haslett.

pakowitz 03-15-2003 02:02 PM

Last in the South
whodat, u have to have faith, last year no one thought we would have the \"solid\' year we had, if u can call it that, and everyone thought that this year would be our year, so Y are u doubting them now? i think we have done a good job, we havent lost much talent besides sammy and we will be getting some upgrades at postions we were hurting last year, i think we will be even better, u just have to have faith.

on a side note, since u call me Yoda, does that mean i have to talk like him to? lol

WhoDat 03-15-2003 07:08 PM

Last in the South
Talk? Act like him you must, hhmm.....

Pak, in 2000 \"everyone\" thought we would stink. We won the division and our first ever playoff game. In 2001, up until December we were still considered by many to be a \"legitimate\" Super Bowl contender. We finished 7-9. Last year, we were picked to finish second in a division that stunk. We finished third in possibly the best division in football. So why, oh why, when \"everyone\" is saying this is going to be our year, do you think the outcome will be anything but the opposite?

pakowitz 03-16-2003 01:18 AM

Last in the South
think it will, i do. team in the NFC south has really upgraded except for the panthers and it will take more then what they have to make them more successful, they have a solid D but are still spotty on O. the falcons only big splash was for peerless price, who i think is overrated, yea he had an awesome year last year, but his qb was drew bledsoe and he was playing with eric moulds, who is one of the top 5 receivers in the game today and is definetly underrated, and the bucs havent made any additions that i have heard of that were worth mentioning, but the saints, the saints have added a probowl caliber LT a solid middle linebacker, a solid CB, persuing trading turley, ridding them of his tirades, persuing Tebucky jones, we have 2 first rounders which to play around with, i think the saints are having a solid offseason, even tho we havent made a play for the big tymers we have made some solid key acquisitons, an it will pay off for us next season.

crazy you are for doubting our saints. faith, you must have.

WhoDat 03-16-2003 09:35 AM

Last in the South
doubt leads to fear, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to Atlanta.

Hey Pak, I\'m hopeful, but not very optimistic. The Bucs played their best football after they played us. Sure we seemed to have their number last year, but their offense started firing on all cylinders and with the Saints (a division rival) making up 50% of all of their losses from last year, who do you think their going to focus on beating the most next year. Now, who can prepare for a game better? Chucky or Haslett, Venturi, and McCarthy? Don\'t even anwser that one it\'s rhetorical.

The dirty birds beat us twice - they improved their defense with Hall and resigning Brookings was huge. With Vick, Price, and the possibility of Anderson coming back (not that it matters Dunn ran all over us last year) - why won\'t they beat us twice?

Carolina has upgraded their talent significantly on both sides of the ball. With Delhomme and Stephen Davis (and they\'re still looking for a big-time receiver a la Conway) they\'ve got what they need to beat us. These games are almost always decided in the last 2:00, and usually include us driving to score and come from behind. Not next year.

Hey man, I wish I could be excited. When the season starts and we get that opening day win, I will be. But right now, I\'m being realistic - and I do not see a lot of reason to think this team will improve enough. Ruff could be the solution. He could be Charlie Clemons, or he could get hurt in training camp and never take the field. Point is, our defense hasn\'t improved very much, and until I see it do that, I won\'t be singing the Saints praises.

pakowitz 03-16-2003 10:29 AM

Last in the South
hate leads to ATL, that was pretty funny

but seriously, we shoulda beat atl last year both times, we didnt b/c our d let vick run all over us, i dont see it happening again this year, the bucs, i think they were the most over rated team out there, yea, sure they won the super bowl but i just dont think they are that \"great\", im sure they will be out to beat us down b/c we beat them 2 times last year, but they were always out to beat G.B. when they were in the same division, and look how that turned out. carolina will be better but i dont they have super improved, my best guess for them would be 6-10, i dont see them making a huge improvement just by adding delhomme and stephen davis, its not enough, they dont have any wr, besides mushin muhammed, davis is a brusing back, not a speed burner, and we love to go against the brusing backs ( we wont have to run fast to catch him)

my prediction for the saints, will be 11-5, win the division, and be superbowl champs.

WhoDat 03-16-2003 06:03 PM

Last in the South
Pak, how do you figure that Carolina will be a game worse next year when they have added as much talent as the Saints? But we\'ll get two games better? We ended the season dropping three in a row. They ended the season winning 4 out of their last 5.

Tampa is not a GREAT team, but they played great down the stretch. That\'s how you win a Super Bowl. None of the teams in at least the last three Super Bowls have been great. You win by playing great. They did that last year they can do that again.

Atlanta is adding speed on both sides of the ball. That\'s bad news for us considering they ran all over us last year (and I\'m not just talking about Vick - Dunn, Gay-ass (lor), and even Alge Crumpler ran around at will).

billyh1026 03-16-2003 10:06 PM

Last in the South
Panthers had no where to go but up on Offense. Sooooo what did you expect? They cut Sean Gilbert and Wesley Walls. I\'m guessing they\'re gonna throw to someone other than Muhammad. They\'ll be better but not THAT much better. Not enough to have a better record I\'m thinking. Ok ok...maybe even a better record..say 8-8.

Falcons have basically stayed the same with the exception of Price. Who is at best a #2 WR. Vick\'s free ride will be over soon. The kid can\'t run forever. (well maybe THIS kid can...but you get my drift)..

Bucs well....good thing they signed Shane Matthews..uhhh yeah right.

All of this leaves me with these questions WhoDat....what will the records be next year? And what will the division records be and why the W or L on each game? Handicapp\'em for me man.

pakowitz 03-16-2003 10:14 PM

Last in the South
the bengals in 2001 won 6 of their last 7 games, and look where they ended up last year...... i know, i know, the bengals are an exception, but it can happen...

i just dont see the saints losing like they did last year, we should have been at least 12-4 last year but we had the late season skid, im going to blame most of it on injuries..(deuce, brooks) and the rest of the blame will be on the coaches, but enough of blame, i think we will be better on D and the O will have had a year to gel and learn more about each other and we will be more potent on Offense and faster on D, with our super special teams we will be the best in the south like we were last year, even tho our record didnt show it

WhoDat 03-17-2003 08:44 AM

Last in the South
Pak - I hope you\'re right. I just can\'t remember a time since the late 80\'s when people expected the Saints to be good and they actually lived up to those expectations.

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