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pakowitz 03-15-2003 02:17 PM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
The Associated Press

A proposed state ban on local television blackouts of Saints games could cost New Orleans its status as frequent host of the Super Bowl if it passes, the NFL is warning.

House Speaker Charlie DeWitt, D-Lecompte, has filed a bill that would prohibit television contracts from blacking out local pro football games. The law would take effect if four other states pass the same law.

The Saints have not been blacked out in their past 22 home games. Only two other states have even considered the law.

But an NFL executive said Friday that the Louisiana Superdome could lose Super Bowls if the law passes.

"The popularity of New Orleans as a Super Bowl site is such, around the league, I'd hate to see something happen to affect the possibility of returning there in the future," said Joe Browne, a league vice president.

The NFL and television networks impose local TV blackouts if games are not sold out 72 hours before kickoff.

DeWitt said he proposed the bill at the behest of a lawmaker in another state, who has attempted to pass a similar law for two years. DeWitt said he wanted to make sure everyone had the chance to see the games on television because, "mine and your tax money's being paid out to that team."

The state made a deal last year with Saints owner Tom Benson to pay him $186.5 million if he keeps the team in New Orleans for 10 years.

"It's just a pure deal of the money we're putting into the franchise to keep it here," DeWitt said.

The bill is set up to be applied only to future television contracts or renegotiations of contracts, not to current contracts.

"If it messes up all their contracts, then I won't run with it, but I can't see that it will," DeWitt said.

Browne said the blackout ban has shown up in the legislatures of Arizona and Washington but gained little ground in either venue. Support for such a ban disappears quickly once potential backers are made aware of what is at stake, he said.

Information from: The Advocate

what u guys think of this mess?

WhoDat 03-15-2003 07:12 PM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
Good point - LA tax money is going to the Saints organization. Thus everyone should have access to the games. How exactly does a blackout ban hurt the Dome\'s chances of getting another Super Bowl?

pakowitz 03-16-2003 01:18 AM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
it would hurt them b/c the NFL wont allow the super bowl to be held in N.O. if they pass the bill

nocloning 03-16-2003 05:24 AM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
He has a point. It would be hard for Benson to find an argument against it. Losing out on getting another Superbowl to the Dome ... didn\'t Benson say the Dome isn\'t even good enough for regular season games? Then why should the league even consider holding the biggest game in NO?
The Saints would lose money because of the lifted blackout, as the games don\'t sell out ... If the Saints weren\'t blacked out the last 22 home games, a fan can expect they won\'t for the next one. Anyway, 18 million a year is a lot of money.
When did a team last play in a SuperBowl in its own city? Maybe this will increase the Saints chances of winning it all? ;)

[Edited on 16/3/2003 by nocloning]

PSno23 03-16-2003 09:56 PM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
What I don\'t understand is why this would affect New Orleans getting the Super Bowl. What exactly is the NFL\'s reasoning behind this? It really makes no sense to me.

pakowitz 03-16-2003 10:18 PM

NFL warns that blackout ban could cost Super Bowls
the nfl has a contract with the tv networks which pays the nfl billions of dollars and that if the home team does not sell out then the game is not shown in the local area as an incentive to sell out home games so all of the local area can watch the game, and if the bill passes then the games would not be blacked out so as a deterent to stop this bill the nfl has stated that they would choose a different location to host super bowls

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