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Danno 08-05-2005 08:38 PM

Don't know how I left off Green.
We wont keep 6 DT's so someone's gotta go.

Whitehead? Leisle? Jefferson? Or maybe Sullivan?

My call would be Whitehead, Sullivan (yep, take that hit now), Jefferson (PS) then Leisle.

But a lot can happen before the 53 deadline. Leisle may stink it up, Jefferson may show he needs to bulk up on the PS...

nola_swammi 08-05-2005 08:58 PM

Wr...Joe Horn , Donte Stallworth, azhair akem, Talman Gardner, Michael Lewis, Devery Henderson

Joe & Donte are safe... Akem his biggest problem: can he be RELIABLE? (no) Gardner although he is have a great camp will the coaches have CONFIDENCE in him?(maybe) Michael Lewis have all the ability to be a gret 3rd WR but do he have the DURABILITY to play? (no) I would've said Devery was safe but I am not sure that the coaches will have the PATIENCE.

I know this will be a hard cut but I thinkit will come down to M. Lewis & A. Akeem. The saints will try to trade M. Lewis for a 3rd or 4th but will end up waiving him.

LeCharles Bently, Jammal Brown, Jamar Nesbit, Montrae Holland, Kendyll Jacox, Spencer Folau, Jon Stinchcomb, Jermaine Mayberry, Wayne Gandy

Bentley & Brown are safe.... They're nothing real major to point out on anyone but Gandy. His age & cap # might put him on trading block but I don't see any takers. This will go down to the wire but the GREAT AlMIGHTY Swammi foresee Kendyl Jacox being waived & Jon Stinchcomb being traded.

Deuce, A Stecker, A Smith F McaFee....all are safe

Karney (FB) K Houser(LS) safe

TE Meier, B Williams, L Hall, E Conwell, Z Hilton
someone have to go & B Williams seems to be the odd man out. The guy need to take some prozac. The guy is too over excited when he catch a 5 yard pass

QB Brooks, Bouman, McPherson, Klingsbury
unless Klingsbury have a outstanding preseason games & Bouman bum out like last year. Klingsbury will be the final cut

practice squad(hopeful)

Archibald (OL), Chase Lyman (WR), Chad Setterstrom (OL)

Defense Coming Soon!!!

papz 08-06-2005 10:51 AM

"Talman (Gardner) right now is the hottest receiver in camp. He is. He is having a hell of a camp. But you have to be consistent and end the way you start." -- Horn on Gardner, who is competing to be the Saints' No. 3 receiver.

I hope Setterstrom makes the team.

BoudinSandwich 08-06-2005 12:21 PM

I really would hate to see us get rid of Michael Lewis. So what if 95% of his game is special teams returner. He is dangerous! Last season he turned games around for us. I remember watching one game and we were losing. The whole team put up this lackluster performance, but Michael Lewis. He ran one back and it was a brand new ball game from there. He lights sparks for this team. Also, field position should be key to our coaches. Getting great field position always leads to more scores. Granted Hakeem could run kickoffs back, he's not as great as the "Beer Man." Face it, Lewis is an icon and if this was Madden, the Saints would lose prestige points for getting rid of him.

BoudinSandwich 08-06-2005 12:26 PM

Another thing worth mentioning about Michael Lews is he brings unity to the team. He's an undersized guy and any time a player from another team picks on him or gives him a good hit, Saints players crowd around Lewis and protect him.

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