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TallySaint 08-07-2005 09:40 AM

Around the NFC South
Around the NFC South

Aug 7 - Times Picayune

ATLANTA: The Falcons have concerns on the defensive line. Ends Patrick Kerney, Brady Smith, Erik Flowers and Brandon Mitchell have missed time because of injuries, and tackle Chad Lavalais reported to camp in poor condition. . . . Looks like the Falcons will go with rookie Roddy White and second-year man Michael Jenkins as their starting wideouts. White has impressed. Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall compares White to Cardinals wideout Larry Fitzgerald "without all the hype."

CAROLINA: Top draft pick Thomas Davis has started out at strong safety, but he's also getting work at linebacker. The eventual goal is to play Davis, a former Georgia standout, at the team's "joker" position, the first two downs at safety and third down at linebacker. . . . Wide receiver Steve Smith reportedly is catching the ball as well as he did last season before suffering a season-ending leg injury and appears primed for a big season.

TAMPA BAY: The Bucs are having injury problems along the offensive line. Left tackle Derrick Deese is out with foot sprain. Right tackle Kenyatta Walker has missed time with swelling in his knee, and backup tackle Lance Nimmo quit. Rookie guard Dan Buenning missed practice with a calf strain. . . . Kicker Matt Bryant continues to struggle and might lose his job to All-NFL Europe kicker Todd Fance. Bryant missed all three of his field-goal attempts during practice Friday morning.

AROUND THE NFL: Former Saints defensive tackle La'Roi Glover is adjusting to life as a part-timer in Dallas. Glover lost his starting spot when the Cowboys switched to a 3-4 defense this offseason. Coach Bill Parcells plans to start free agent Jason Ferguson at nose tackle and said Glover will see most of his playing time in the nickel defense. . . . The Texans are giving former Saints right tackle Victor Riley a chance to win the starting left tackle spot. Riley is competing with incumbent starter Seth Wand. . . . Dolphins players are raving about new coordinator Scott Linehan's wide-open offense. Asked how often Miami expects to throw downfield, backup quarterback Gus Frerotte said, "A lot. A lot more than you guys are used to. Think back to when Dan (Marino) was in his prime and throwing the ball. That's what this offense does."

AUDIBLES: "Everybody knows Julius is a phenom. We call him the next evolution of man. Some of the things he does, it just doesn't make sense. If I did that, I'd probably tear every ligament I had in my knees and shoulders and probably pop a couple disks out of my spinal cord. Some of the stuff he does is just amazing." -- Panthers defensive tackle Kris Jenkins on teammate Julius Peppers.


saintswhodi 08-07-2005 08:51 PM

It's around the NFC South, without a Saints section? Huh? And from the Times Picayune?

jnormand 08-07-2005 10:54 PM

Sometimes no news is "good news".

saintswhodi 08-07-2005 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by BlackonBlack

It's around the NFC South, without a Saints section? Huh? And from the Times Picayune?

Again very slow, they figure since they talk about the Saints every single day, that they would devote a section to give the true fans pup on the enemies. This is what people that have served there country understand, always know your enemy or at least try to.

WTF are you talking about? First you don't know me. I graduated third in my class from DLI. IF you were military intelligence you would know that is the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. The language was Arabic, the second hardest language in the world to learn to English. Second, I spent 4 months of my ARMY service in a tent 10 miles from the Iraqi Border in Kuwait, Operation Desert Lancer. At some point during your time here, you will learn to not speak on what you don't know. OR does the apathy shown toward you by NOONE responding to three consec posts you made not hit home? Get a clue.

jnormand 08-07-2005 11:15 PM

Whodi I don't think he was trying to mess with you. (I don't think so anyway) And thank you for you time in the military.

jnormand 08-07-2005 11:19 PM

Nevermind, I read the Brooks post.

saintswhodi 08-07-2005 11:20 PM


Originally Posted by jnormand
Whodi I don't think he was trying to mess with you. (I don't think so anyway) And thank you for you time in the military.

Trust me, this fools only intent is to mess with me. He has made whole threads about only me. Statements like "Again very slow" and "this is what people who have served this country understand," without knowing a damn thing about someone, serve only that purpose, to mess with someone. But every time he opens his mouth, he loses more credibility, so maybe I should just let him keep speaking. I mean when you make 3 straight threads that get zero responses, I think the masses are speaking for themselves.

coastalkid 08-08-2005 06:21 AM

Tip of the hat to ALL our veterans current and past. Without them doing what they do there would be nop football as we know it. Now "can we all just get along?"
Yall be nice to each other. There is no need to one up anybody here. Nice post in the beginning but took a wrong turn eventually.

TallySaint 08-08-2005 11:00 AM

Is it football season yet? :?


TallySaint 08-08-2005 11:39 AM

NFL Off-season Player Tracker: NFC South ....


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