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saintswhodi 08-08-2005 12:23 PM

Who's else is counting down for Madden?
This is about football Halo. :wink:

But anyone else drooling that there is only hours left to get it? Career mode? Should be similar to Heisman Mode in NCAA. Do you play any other team in dynasty than the Saints? Not me. Saints only. Though I usually trade Brooks off for the number one pick(why can't real life work like the game :wink: ) and take the best QB from college from my NCAA imported draft. But this year, I think I will trade AB off and build up A-Mac and draft a LT, DT and LB from NCAA rosters. I also trade Deuce and Joe Horn though. Something about having rookie RBs and WRs and accounting for all their stats appeals to me. I am just too damn excited. I have an "off-site meeting" tomorrow so I won't even go to work. Gotta have it. Any of you have a network adaptor to play online?

BlackandBlue 08-08-2005 01:13 PM

RE: Who
I took the rest of this week off. What does that tell you?

WhoDat 08-08-2005 01:37 PM

RE: Who
Why take the week off? Why not just go in? I mean, if you didn't get anything done this week, wouldn't that be like just about every other week? LOL

papz 08-08-2005 02:25 PM

RE: Who
What day exactly does it come out?

BlackandBlue 08-08-2005 02:34 PM

RE: Who
Tomorrow, though some places like EBGames might be opening up at midnight for the release.

jnormand 08-08-2005 02:50 PM

RE: Who
Yep! Counting down the hours. I already have my game reserved and paid for! I usually like to have the starters for the Saints playing. Last year I had to trade to get McKenzie. Bockwoldt wasn't even in the game. This year should be a good roster though.

I even let the computer play against itself on game days. I put the guys in that are supposed to be starting that day and pull the injured players. I actually watch the computer play against the Saints. My wife thinks I'm wacko. It's just something I like to do while I drink brews and get ready for the real game.

JOESAM2002 08-08-2005 02:51 PM

Be still my heart!!!!! :roll:

BlackandBlue 08-08-2005 02:55 PM


I actually watch the computer play against the Saints.
Tell me, do you cheer?


Be still my heart!!!!!

TallySaint 08-08-2005 02:58 PM


Tell me, do you cheer?
Sure. And he cusses Brooks every move! :lol:


papz 08-08-2005 03:21 PM

:lol: LOL!

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