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frankeefrank 08-09-2005 01:14 AM

RE: Boo Pissed
The one thing I never understood about Boo is, YEah okay so he's a receiving TE... Then why doesn't he approach 80 catches a season.
Tony Gonzalez is solid, but not considered an awesome blocker.
Yet, he comes up with awesome numbers.
I blame McCarthy
1. cus he's gone and it's easy...
2. The offense is buitl around WR's.

I don't totally think it's Boo's fault b/c, there were never screens or Goaline "jump" routes in teh play book for him.
Funny, We all know Antonio Gates was going out for passes, last year when we played SD, and we couldn't stop him.

I never bought into the whole. "Boo is due for a breakout season," propaganda we had to listen and watch last pre-season.
This year it's all about Talman
Or so we're told

TallySaint 08-09-2005 03:14 PM


But mental lapses, key mistakes and a less than perfect attitude have contributed to his plummet down the depth chart.

Williams (Tallahassee Lincoln High) may eventually ask to be released or traded, especially if it looks like he won't make the final roster in September anyway.

So what's up with this guy? Seems fans have a love/hate thing for him.

I'm learning alot from you guys. Hopefully, you are tolerating my questions. Thanks.


stockman311 08-09-2005 09:36 PM

Boo is a wide receiver trapped in a tight end body. He will never be a blocker and he will never be a receiver. He is a tweener. Was labeled a tweener coming out of college and has proven to date to be a tweener in the pros. Add to that his immaturity and me first attitude to the fact that the Saints revolve their passing game around Joe Horn and Stallworth and it is easy to see why he will be cut in late August.

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