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TallySaint 08-09-2005 06:48 AM

Seahawk Pathon
Pathon in position

Chris Cluff, Seattle Times, Aug. 8

Jerome Pathon is taking nothing for granted in his fight for one of the roster spots at receiver, and he showed it in the scrimmage Saturday.

The former Washington Husky led all receivers with four catches for 55 yards, including a 30-yard touchdown during which he caught a pass from Matt Hasselbeck around the 15-yard line and streaked down the left sideline.

"I am just going to continue to work hard and, when opportunities come my way, capitalize on them — especially with the situation we have here with 11 strong receivers," said Pathon, a seven-year veteran who signed a three-year deal with Seattle earlier this year.

Hasselbeck appreciates Pathon's experience.

"What I see in Jerome is a more veteran guy, similar to Bobby Engram," the quarterback said. "He has an understanding of our offense and an understanding of the defense that we see."

Pathon also has been putting in time as a kick returner.

"You get in where you fit in in this business," he said. "If those are the duties and responsibilities they want me to take on, then I will be more than pleased to do that."

Holmgren said he likes Pathon's speed and ability to gain yards after the catch, but the coach said the competition behind Engram and Darrell Jackson will not be determined until just before the season begins.

"That pile of wide receivers will sort itself out, but it won't be until late," Holmgren said. "You pick any one practice, and one guy will stand out over another. It is going to be a tough call. But Jerome had a pretty good day [Saturday]."


CHACHING 08-09-2005 07:01 AM

RE: Seahawk Pathon
I thought Seattle's receivers were "a pile" of something else.....
Good Luck Jerome....

TallySaint 08-09-2005 07:32 AM

Seattle Times, Aug. 6

Jerome Pathon, Joe Jurevicius and Bobby Shaw have 21 years of NFL experience among them.

Engram, Jackson and Bannister are certain to remain. Pathon, Jurevicius, Shaw and Urban are the top contenders for up to three more spots.

Pathon, Jurevicius and Shaw have been around the league, but making plays every now and then won't guarantee them anything in this competition. This despite the fact Pathon and Jurevicius were top free-agent signings brought in to provide depth and sure hands after Seattle cut Robinson and didn't re-sign Jerry Rice.

Pathon has let it be known that he covets the split end job. It's a position that requires the speed and strength to either overcome the bump-and-run coverage or run past it to get open.

"I know Bobby's totally capable of running split end, but I'm coming here to compete for that position, too," Pathon said. "Right now they have me at flanker for whatever reason, but I'm coming in to compete for the void that's missing without Koren being here."

Receivers article...


TallySaint 08-09-2005 02:56 PM

Why was Pathon released from the Saints? Your opinion of him?

Talk amongst yourselves. Thanks in advance for your responses.


TallySaint 08-10-2005 08:56 AM

Hmm... I must have the plague. :D

Perhaps I should have formed my question in a way that encourages guys with a gazillion posts to rip each other. :lol:


WhoDat 08-10-2005 09:37 AM

Pathon was a cap casualty. He was costing the Saints something like $2.5 million a season, and he wasn't worth it. It's not that Pathon was a bad WR - he was steady and consistent in New Orleans. But once Stallworth solidified himself as the starter, it was hard to look at Devery Henderson, Talman Gardner, Michael Lewis, and eventually Az Hakim, and justify Pathon's expense to the team.

spkb25 08-10-2005 05:55 PM

i like jerome and was sad to asee him go. hope the best for him except if we play them

RockyMountainSaint 08-11-2005 04:16 AM


hope the best for him except if we play them
You mean when we play them.
Friday night 7pm.
Hope to see you there.

TheGambler 08-11-2005 08:53 AM

Jerome was a good WR..............made several third down catches............and was the final part of the "River City Relay" in Jacksonville...

But at the same time.........I also remember him dropping alot of 3rd down catches...........and disappearing completely in games ....

Anyway, hope he does well in the big S.

TallySaint 08-14-2005 08:13 AM


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