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ssmitty 03-17-2003 07:07 PM

da saints
i was a tenderfoot scout in tulane stadium when the saints first played, showing people their seats so i could watch the game for free.......swamp blood runs deep in these veins. although i am in dallas right now, i am a true bucktown homegrown boy.........i've lived and died with the saints from the beginning, and will til my end.......never wore a grocery bag, but always stated my likes and dislikes. hell, i'm sure i know some of you know me if you're born and breed in nawlins. i am joe smith, son of archie smith living on huron st down from ball's hardware. anyway, i read as others here, and have this to say, chill out, enjoy life, it is way too far as trades in my opinion, the saints have made some good, some bad,,,,,,i thought they really had a shot in 2002, especially if haslet had sent in delhomme late in the season, again, my opinion.........the backup they just signed could be the starter, again, my opinion......the saints are sitting as pretty as i've ever seen them with what they have and what they'll get in the coming draft....they may not be 2 players away from getting to the playoffs and beyond, but i think you can count them on one hand now..........something i've been, as all n.o. fans have been waiting for a long time........other then signing a few veterans for now, they are doing just fine for the time being,,,,,,,,so, suck dem heads in the coming weeks,(mudbugs) and go out on dem fishing trips,(dusk to dawn) and remember to bring enough beer to see ya through it......and one more thing, pak, i like your observations and talk about the saints, (you seem to be a diehard fan) but i can do without, (this is my world and ya'll are just living in it)........this is everyone's world, and we're all living in it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,again, just my opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,smitty

pakowitz 03-18-2003 12:41 AM

da saints
thank u ssmitty for those kind words, and not only the ones about me but about the saints as well

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