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lynwood 08-12-2005 09:59 PM

I'd like to see A-mac play some minutes against the first team defense of our next preseason game. I know it won't happen but so far tonight he looks good but is playing the bench warmers.

AllSaints 08-12-2005 10:04 PM

RE: A-Mac
A-Mac just lined up behind the guard LMAOOOOOOO

lynwood 08-12-2005 10:13 PM

RE: A-Mac
Ha! Yeah that's pretty funny. After that maybe he should play against the third string a couple more times.

BeeoBee 08-13-2005 12:17 AM

RE: A-Mac
hey..they have been comparing him to elway...elway did the same exact thing!! good sign if u ask me:)

RockyMountainSaint 08-13-2005 12:29 AM

RE: A-Mac
The loudest cheer of the night came when A-Mac came into the game :wink:
After they called timeout because he wasn't under center he started to line up under guard again and caught himself quickly.
The kid is fast but it looked as if the game was quicker than his reads often were. Tried to run too soon.
Wait wasn't that what made AB successful early on?

AllSaints 08-13-2005 07:37 PM

RE: A-Mac
Yeah i think we have something goin . . . and i like it . . .

TallySaint 08-14-2005 06:04 PM

I like A-Mac and think, with time, he'll probably be a good one. But man, he's got some happy feet! :lol:


Euphoria 08-15-2005 10:42 AM

plenty of happy feet for everyone. He can't make reads yet and just nervous kid out there. He keeps running like that against a first unit D, he may get killed.

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