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Same ol', same ol' for Saints

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; AS far I have seen Craft is Garbage...... I'D Take Toi Cook over this dude........

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AS far I have seen Craft is Garbage......
I'D Take Toi Cook over this dude.....
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i thought our first team d played well. i thought our pass blockingh left some to be desired but that there were some pretty good holes for deuce. i am not that concerned over that game. yeah craft got beaten up. i thought we looked alright. better then last year. our o was out of synch. that is a concern. but i thought our starting d was much better then last years performance in the opening preseason game
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There was goo coverate on one play with craft but didn't know the ball was coming... the other I think there was suppose to be support for the deep route and the Saftey took off on covering someone else so craft pursued. Wasn't his best performance but he is looking good in camp. Jimmy Williams did great and obviously wants to make the team. You can't go by the whole game but you have to look at individual performance. Saints were not really opening up the game to keep it close or stay in the game either... they were working on reps ect.

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Wow. Sounds like the same thing I heard last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that...

I love the people who completely shrug off poor performances in preseason simply b/c the final score is meaningless, and then are shocked four weeks into the season when the team is 1-3. Couldn't see that coming could you?

Preseason or not - signs that this team is as inconsistent and poorly coached as in previous years is reason for concern. Period.
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.. on the other hand, I've never met anyone who spoke esperanto....
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You should read the other threads WD about it would be okay if we were to go 0-4 in preseason as long as we "learned something." I'm tired of learning how to be inconsistent... let's learn something new.

It's funny how some of you are calling for Craft's head yet you are saying it's only preseason. Shouldn't you find something wrong with that?

Craft was a solid nickel/dime back for us last season as he will be for us this season.
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Your point is well made, papz, but I don't exactly agree with your assessment of Craft. I wasn't happy with his performance last preseason and it turned out that he was injured part of the regular season and didn't really play al that great when he was in. Maybe towards the end of the year he got better. He seems to have a habit of getting burned that I don't care for.
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Yea he played pretty well at the end of last season... he even had some highlights on SC. His play at the end of last year netted him a nice little contract and interest from various teams during the offseason... hopefully his strong play from the end of last year (not what everyone saw against Seattle) will carry into this year. But we'll just have to wait and see...
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Craft was a starter in Jacksonville (I think only for one season). Thereafter, Jacksonville signed and drafted 3 new CBs and Craft was cut. Not exactly a rave review. Thereafter, he signed with the Saints and despite the hype that he would start and being a serious contributor, he found himself on the depth chart behind Fred Thomas, Ashley Ambrose, and Fahkir Brown. Again, his preseason play couldn't have been that great. Jason Craft seems to me to be a talented athlete who has very little ability to play corner in the NFL. I don't like it when he is on the field, but I hope the guy proves me wrong.

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Well, if he doesn't step up his play from what we saw in the Seattle game, he's going to find himself behind Jimmy Williams on the depth chart.

Pathon used him in that game. It was not pretty.
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