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Nola 08-14-2005 09:27 AM

New Guy's observation on the game.
Hi, guys. New to the site!

Just wanted to give my take on the game. BTW - I was actually at the dome sitting about 5 rows up in the plaza level.

I tend not to overreact to one preseason game. Our starters played only one quarter. The starting defense did okay. It was our offense (Deuce Fumble) that set up the Seahawks TD.

Our starting defense forced 4 punts on 5 possessions. It was the 2nd and 3rd stringers that skewed things and made us look bad.

To my surprise, there was no pass rush from our DEs. Then again, they were playing a basic defense and the QB (Hasselbeck) was getting rid of the ball rather quickly.

On offense Brooks looked fine. Joe dropped a perfectly throw pass and a perfectly thrown 20-yd. strike to Donte Stallworth was called back because of a penalty on Jammal Brown.

BTW -- There were a couple of times when our offensive line allowed someone to come free into our backfield. Brooks did not run into the blitz or anything of that nature. The defender was in Brooks face before he had time to react. I think Brooks did a good job of avoiding the sack.

CHACHING 08-14-2005 09:45 AM

RE: New Guy
Thanx Nola and welcome.......

LordOfEntropy 08-14-2005 09:50 AM

RE: New Guy
I watched the re-broadcast last night, and surprised though I am, I've got to admit that I agree with NOLA on all points.

In fact, I'll take it one further.

The first stringers not only held their own - they looked damn good. DAMN GOOD. I'm surprised. No, I'm SHOCKED. Brooks was on target with accurate lasers - extremely sharp. He looked like a pro. But the defense was the biggest shocker. It was a stone wall. They held Seattle's high power offense (some say the best O-LINE in the league) to only one touchdown, and that was on a short field after the fumble. I was very impressed.

Really, after finally having seen it - I'm shocked.

TheGambler 08-14-2005 10:07 AM

You're never going to last with that attitude...


Don't you know that Brooks throwing a ball 8 YARDS SHORT OF THE FIRST DOWN MARKER (as one lamer said) ON 3RD DOWN .....IN A PRESEASON a sign of things to come? Do'nt you know he should have kept the play alive until something developed???? Better yet.....he could have tried to force something downfield...maybe that would have resulted in an Interception! God forbid that son of a b---- take the safe route on 3rd down, with our first team defense holding Seattle in check.....HE SHOULD HAVE THROWN IT TOWARDS A RECIEVER DAMMIT. That way we could have had the added benefit of POSSIBLY MAKING A BIG PLAY IN A PRESEASON GAME, while exposing one of our starting WR's to a huge hit. Injuries, was all Brooks's fault

Do'nt you know that Brooks, as another lamer said, COMPLETELY OVERTHREW JOE HORN on that one pass (not the inside slant)............JOE HAD TO ELEVATE ABOUT 4 INCHES OFF THE GROUND AND THE BALL HIT HIM IN THE HAND DAMMIT!! 4 INCHES!!! THAT'S AN OLYMPIC LEAP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!! Fire Brooks right now.....

Get this......some are even saying, after Preseason game #1, that THE ONLY WAY THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE IS IF WE FIRE HASLETT......And I'm having to read all these lame ass heartbreaking posts such as "i get my hopes up every year...and nothing ever changes.....I honestly thought the pieces were in place".....(as if we're already 8-8 and have just got knocked out of the wildcard hunt). Oh I'm sorry, is it January 1 already? Coulda fooled me..


In all seriousness, you sir, are a breath of fresh air. Some of these people are so blind to reality............if the Saints had come out and beaten Seattle in this game, and Brooks had thrown 2 TD passes............we'd have heard "the saints did good, BUTTTT let's see how they do when it counts". Sorta like..damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Most of these posters are the human equivalent to Eeyore. You'll figure this out in due time.

papz 08-14-2005 10:27 AM

7-9, 9-7, 8-8, and 8-8... that's reality. Can you blame people for venting after 4 seasons of mediocre football?

Credit is given where it's due.

LordOfEntropy 08-14-2005 10:39 AM

Can I blame? Hell no, of course not. In fact, I'm normally one of those guys doing the bashing. If I hadn't watched the re-broadcast last night, I would be doing more bashing right now.

But credit where credit is due. The first string looked excellent last night, and though I'm surprised, for the first time in a long while I'm not utterly disgusted.

CHACHING 08-14-2005 10:44 AM

See Papz...most people on this board HOPE that something goes wrong..(mainly when it comes to Brooks and Haz)
It's kinda like an evil stepmother that follows the child around the house waiting for him to do wrong...
,bias much?

papz 08-14-2005 10:51 AM


Our starting defense forced 4 punts on 5 possessions. It was the 2nd and 3rd stringers that skewed things and made us look bad.

But credit where credit is due. The first string looked excellent last night, and though I'm surprised, for the first time in a long while I'm not utterly disgusted.
I was disgusted with the score so I decided not to watch the re-broadcast. But it's very encouraging to hear this about our first string defense... 4 punts out of 5 possessions is outstanding. Hopefully we'll continue this trend throughout preseason and take that momentum into the regular season. We'll need it versus Carolina and notching a few wins in preseason will help with our confidence.

chRxis 08-14-2005 11:04 AM

the first team, with the exception of an early fumble, look good, but i'm really concerned about the depth of this team... the talent to rush and stop the run is severely lacking on the defensive side of the ball with reserves in, which we will have to play on some downs b/c starter need breaks or they get injured (knock on wood)... overall, the story this season will be whether or not we can stop the rush on defense, same story as last couple of seasons..... we didn't upgrade at the dt position, so i don't know... offensively, they looked good and the line held their own, with the biggest number being zero.... zero sacks, zero interceptions with the first team in...

CHACHING 08-14-2005 12:35 PM

True dat!.......They played pretty damn good for the first game of the season.......
after all this ain't the Colts!!!!

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