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saintz08 08-15-2005 11:17 PM

Haslett on the linebackers
KFFL Reports :

Saints | Haslett Tells Linebackers They Better Get Healthy
Mon, 15 Aug 2005 16:27:21 -0700

The Associated Press reports New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett told his linebacking corps they better get healthy soon because Haslett is starting to think about a backup plan. "I told them, 'In one or two weeks, we've got to figure out what to do with you guys - cut you, waive you, put you on (injured reserve) or something," Haslett said after practice Monday, Aug. 15. "We're not going like this the whole year. It's just the way it's going to be." His statements were aimed primarily at LBs James Allen (knee), Cie Grant (knee) and Roger Knight (knee), all of whom were expected to play key roles this season.

jnormand 08-16-2005 03:25 AM

RE: Haslett on the linebackers
It's really too bad Cie got hurt again. I was hoping he could contribute on the field this year. He was having a good camp. I don't see him with the Saints much longer.

saintz08 08-16-2005 10:27 AM

RE: Haslett on the linebackers
Instead of bringing in a linebacking group like the Dome Patrol , Hasbeen goes about bringing in the Tub Patrol.


The Rubber Duck Squad

LBs James Allen , Cie Grant and Roger Knight

LordOfEntropy 08-16-2005 11:58 AM

RE: Haslett on the linebackers
I thought Allen wasn't that bad, that he had a minor injury and would be back in a week or two. Is that wrong? There's no doubt we need him back on the field.

Grant is done, which is not surprising. His career is probably over. Shame he never got to play.

Dunno about Knight though. What's his issue? He's never really been on my radar.

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