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pakowitz 03-18-2003 11:15 PM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on

The Tebucky Jones deal in New Orleans is dead.

Long live the Tebucky Jones deal in New Orleans. now reports that negotiations between New England and the Saints for the free agent will resume during next week's annual league meeting in Phoenix.

Meanwhile, the Boston Globe now says the Patriots want a second-round pick for the franchised safety. Earlier Web reports elsewhere had New Orleans balking at a first-round demand.

But the team might not go for a second round, either.

"The Saints claim the Patriots are asking for a second-round pick for Jones, and New Orleans will go no higher than a third-rounder," according to the Globe. "That's because, when they traded former Pro Bowl left tackle Willie Roaf to Kansas City last season, they received only a conditional fourth-round choice -- which became a third-round pick. They believe New England is overvaluing Jones, based on the value they got for Roaf a year ago."

The newspaper notes that troubled tackle Kyle Turley is also on the trading block for a first-rounder, though the Globe says New Orleans would accept a second. "That is another reason they will not give the Patriots their second-round choice -- because if they later received the same compensation for Turley, who is in the last year of his contract and would have to agree to a long-term deal with his new team before a trade could be consummated, they would have valued a left tackle the same as a safety . . . something no team in the NFL would do."

Roaf's 'spare' time:
Speaking of Roaf, the former Louisiana Tech and New Orleans Saints star -- a certain Hall of Fame left tackle -- was reportedly spotted enjoying time with his family at the local Western Lanes last week.

That's a a stretch:
Saints phenom Donte' Stallworth, sidelined early in his rookie year by hamstring injury, is apparently at work with a trainer -- hoping to improve on stretching techniques. "His frame is so heavily muscled, he needs to spend an excessive amount of time stretching," according to Jeff Duncan at, "to avoid the hamstring injuries that have plagued him."

Duncan is a former sports editor at The News-Star.

Trading spaces:
Despite a free-agent move with New Orleans native Kordell Stewart, Chicago is still thinking quarterback in the draft -- and the deal could involve the Saints, according to DJ Boyer at

The Bears recently worked out Kyle Boller, of the California Golden Bears, and "are very high" on him, Boyer writes. Picking Boller works better for Chicago, since he won't go as high in the first round as a Carson Palmer or a Byron Leftwich.

That's also where New Orleans, a team with two middle-round picks, comes in. Chicago would trade down from the No. 4 pick overall to choose Boller.

"Chicago could get another impact player in the first round," Boyer writes, "as well as getting a quarterback to groom under Kordell Stewart." then says such a deal would have New Orleans looking at defensive back Terence Newman of Kansas State, who many think would be gone by the time the Saints would originally have picked.

NFLE update:
Wide receiver Kerwin Cook and quarterback Chris Finlen, both Saints prospects, played well during an NFL Europe scrimmage. The Barcelona Dragons players faced off against Frankfurt this week in St. Petersburg, Fla. Cook caught three passes for 104 yards -- including a 71-yard pass from Finlen.

Quote, unquote: "I think offensive-line-needy teams that won't trade a high second-round pick for Kyle Turley are nuts," says Sports Illustrated's Peter King. "Last year, two teams took second-round tackles -- Mike Pearson in Jacksonville and Chester Pitts in Houston -- and I guarantee you Turley will be better than both over the next five years. A lock."

Still backed into a corner:
The Sporting News also reports that, despite a free-agency move to get former Saint Ashley Ambrose from Atlanta, New Orleans will likely draft a cornerback in the first three rounds.

The problem has to do with the group's birth certificates: "Ambrose is 32, Carter is 33 and has had

substance policy violations," writes Jeff Duncan, "and Thomas is 29 and has a 5-9, 172-pound frame that tends to break down."

TSN rules out Kansas State's Newman and Washington State's Marcus Trufant -- unless some deal is made to move up in the draft order. "So the team, which has the Nos. 17 and 18 picks, is more likely to settle for, say, Oregon State's Dennis Weathersby or Oklahoma's Andre Woolfolk."

Where's Haslett?
Various draftnik Web sites had New Orleans coach Jim Haslett at Kansas State to see Terence Newman, Tennessee to see Jason Witten and Georgia to see both Johnathan Sullivan and Boss Bailey last week.

The Times-Picayune in New Orleans had him at Texas A&M, Miami, Kansas State, Georgia, Tennessee and Clemson last week; then Florida State and Texas this week; . . . and at Disney World with his family last weekend.

patman 03-19-2003 06:58 AM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
I think the trade will be for the 2nd or both of the 3rd rd picks that the Saints have.
If it is the 2nd the pats wil get the 2nd of the choices that the Saints get. I think the saints trade with Miami again, I hope not though. Zach thomas is negotiating a long term deal that will free up about 4 mill. The saints will probally get Miami\'s 2nd and a 3rd or 4th next year. This talk about trading Roaf who was coming off a severe injury, and was talking about retiring, had issuses with other players on his team and comparing that situation to Jones is quite a stretch. Roafs best days were behind him \"everybody\" says
Jones best days are to come. He will play more snaps than anybody else on you D next year.

WhoDat 03-19-2003 08:32 AM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
Dude, you\'re obviously a Patties fan so you\'re overvaluing Jones just like the rest of Boston is. Roaf and Turley are BOTH WAY more valuable to any franchise than Tebucky Jones. That\'s a 4th (conditional third) and a possible second-rounder on which no one is biting. But fine, you don\'t like those comparisons - how about this one.

The Saints traded Ricky Williams, a guy who accounted for 1,245 rushing yards and 511 receiving yards the year before his trade and 1,853 rushing yards and 363 receiving yards the year after for a THIRD round pick. Sure it had conditions that made it a first, but thinking that Tebucky Jones is anywhere NEAR that valuable is laughable.

The Saints can sit on their hands and wait until New England is forced to release one of their three safeties after the draft. The Saints can then dump Hand and/or restructue Wally Williams\' contract - freeing up as much as $10 million dollars in cap room. That\'s way more than enough to sign Jones. If I\'m the GM, I\'m offering my second 3rd rounder this year or a CONDITIONAL 3rd rounder next year that could become a 2nd if Jones has a Pro Bowl type year. If the Saints give more than that they got swindled. If you think Jones is worth more than that then you\'re probably wearing his jersey right now.

pakowitz 03-19-2003 10:28 AM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
id say either 3rd this year, or a conditional 3rd next year based on performence

WhoDat 03-19-2003 10:31 AM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
Is there an echo?

pakowitz 03-19-2003 10:35 AM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
great minds think alike, u should think like me and gator more often

WhoDat 03-19-2003 01:26 PM

Rumor mill: Saints, Mr. Jones still have a thing going on
Well, next time I come down from Chicago I\'ll have to stand in line to be zapped with the Saints PR Mind Eraser gun. :)

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