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pakowitz 03-19-2003 12:28 AM

You, too, can smell like an NFL player

By Darren Rovell

If the smells of the NFL were sold in a bottle not many fans would clamor to buy it. But one company is betting that a cologne with the NFL logo on it will sell.

A custom branding firm called boom! has been granted a league license to make team-logoed toiletry kits filled with cologne, body wash and anti-perspirant, each with the NFL Equipment shield on them.

"Tapping into the NFL fan base is a great opportunity," said Art DeGaetano, president and CEO of the company, which makes products for Abercrombie & Fitch and Sears.

Boom! also will make muscle therapy lotion, medicated powder and lip balm as part of the NFL Equipment line, which launched last year when Reebok started using the label to make performance apparel associated with the league.

"This extension of the NFL Equipment brand is another fun way to incorporate the NFL into our fans' everyday lives," said league spokesman Dan Masonson.

The new products will hit retail stores in August. The kit with some of the products will sell for $27.50.

The NFL generates the fourth highest licensing revenue of any company worldwide. Licensing revenues for the league are $3.1 billion, behind The Walt Disney Co. ($14 billion), Warner Brothers ($6 billion) and Bonjour ($5 billion), according to the upcoming issue of License! Magazine.

While revenue has grown over the years, the league is now granting exclusive contracts to less vendors with increased frequency.

In 1994, the league granted 454 licenses, the most ever. For the 2001 season, there were 247 licensees, and for the 2003 season, there will be less than 125 licensees, Masonson said.

Boom! also is producing a cologne for eight NASCAR drivers, including Mark Martin, Dale Jarrett and Ricky Rudd.

A company named Coti Astor has produced and sold a cologne and aftershave with the NBA logo on it in Spain for more than a decade, according to league spokesman Matt Bourne.

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