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RockyMountainSaint 08-18-2005 04:38 AM

A successful camp?
As a father, I will call this Training Camp a success.
I split custody of my 9-yo son with my ex.

This June I asked my son if he wanted to go to Disneyworld this summer. He answered:"If we can go to Saints camp too".
I told him that we would miss a good portion of camp while at Disney. He told me that he would rather stay at home then.

See, This all started two years ago at Saints camp when he mustered up the courage to ask his favorite player to take a photo with him. Deuce was happy to oblige. Two days later at camp Deuce remembered my son and spent time talking to him. The deal was sealed. My Boy was a Saints fan for life.

I moved back to LA recently. My son came this summer and we have been at camp nearly every day. Despite the heat he hasn't complained because he knows he will see his Heroes after practice.

We took a Digital camera to camp with us. My son asked players to take a pic with him and without fail they obliged. We went home and printed 8-10s to put in his binder for the next day.

My boy now has 36 pictures of him with Saints players.
29 pix are now autographed.

He asks me about the players. I am more than happy to explain about them. I am a Saints Fanatic.

I grew up in the Greater New Orleans area. I never met a Saints player in that time. Joe Horn looked at my son last week and said "You again"? In a good natured way. Joe has autographed my son's 87 jersey four times!

Regardless of what any of us think about the way the organization is being run I am a happy father of a very happy kid. I thank the Saints.

Will we go 10-6 or 12-4 or 8-8 again. That isn't important to me right now (catch me later in the season).

It pales in comparison to being a father and watching a new Saints fan overjoyed by meeting his Heroes.

Kudos to the organization and especially the players for the way they handle themselves.

My Autograph MVPs: Joe signed every day!, Deuce, MM big time, Freddy Mac, Hilton, Green, Karney, Sully(no joke), Boo. The entire D-line starters and prospects. :D

CHACHING 08-18-2005 06:39 AM

RE: A successful camp?
Sounds like a true Saints fan in the making......
Good for you and your son...always happy to see the tradition being spread thru the generations...
Maybe we'll have some LOVE for your son this year..

JOESAM2002 08-18-2005 08:15 AM

We need more stories like this. We sometimes lose the human interest in these guys. It seems that all we think about is wins and losses. Most of these guys go out of their way to help in the community and be with the fans. They are far and away above the T.O.'s in the world.

RMS, good for you and your son. I hope we hear more stories like this.

FrenzyFan 08-18-2005 08:54 AM

Great post, RMS. Actually found myself choking up a bit. Lights me up inside to hear about this kind of thing.

Thanks! :D

frankeefrank 08-20-2005 02:04 AM

thanks for sharing

frankeefrank 08-20-2005 02:05 AM

p.s. tell your son that's the story he'll have to tell HBO in 2045 when we still haven't won a superbowl and they do one of those "Boston Red Sox curse" documentaries on us.
Can't wait for that.
Britney Spears can voice it

BoudinSandwich 08-20-2005 09:13 AM

Britney will be how old in 2045? She'll be almost 70 years old, I think. Eew!

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