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AFSGT 08-20-2005 10:08 AM

Jamal Brown
what is your opinion of Jamal Brown our #1 pick[/b]

LordOfEntropy 08-20-2005 10:34 AM

RE: Jamal Brown
He's a beast, I'm glad we got him. I'll admit that I griped during the draft because I wanted Thomas Davis. But after seeing JB play, well, he's very impressive and I support the pick.

jnormand 08-20-2005 11:40 AM

RE: Jamal Brown
He going to be a cornerstone on the O-Line for years. He is good now, but he will continue to improve and be even better next year. Good pick....really good pick.

Euphoria 08-20-2005 12:10 PM

RE: Jamal Brown
Wasn't he and another lineman pulling during the Pats game and the lit up the D with dual blocking hits at the same time. I think A. Smith was a bit shocked didn't think there was going to be a whole there or what but when then lit up the D, Smith goes through like "Hey how did I get here in the open".

zachsaints52 08-21-2005 11:36 AM

RE: Jamal Brown
Jamaal was going at Richard Seymour without remorse, and he did awesome. I believe he had an offsides call though, but otherwise did awesome. I just wished we coulda gotten a center so Bentley coulda played RG right next to Brown.

LordOfEntropy 08-21-2005 11:58 AM

RE: Jamal Brown
Overall, he was awesome. Outstanding.

He also had another false start that wasn't called towards the end of the game (touchdown). He got lucky in the extreme. But I remember him getting speed rushed and burned, that's likely the root of the jumpiness.

Coaches, please focus on this before the season begins. Brown's going to be playing some FAST defensive ends this year, and I don't want to see this talented kid follow Victor "FALSE START" Riley. That'd just be a shame beyond words.

stockman311 08-21-2005 12:49 PM

RE: Jamal Brown
When Troy Aikman is comparing you to Larry Allen in his prime you know you have a good player on your hands. Concerned with him handling Peppers though. Did anyone see the play he made on Friday? The guy is a beast. We may need to double team him and send a RB his way as well.

natedogg02 08-21-2005 01:12 PM

RE: Jamal Brown
He's gonna be awsome, did ya'll see when he was running out to block on those sweeps, there LB's looked like they were diving to the ground to avoid him.

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