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Euphoria 08-20-2005 12:04 PM

Jason Craft
had a good game

frankeefrank 08-20-2005 12:09 PM

RE: Jason Craft
Thanks for the insight Mr. Madden.

Euphoria 08-20-2005 12:14 PM

RE: Jason Craft
you're trying to be funny... if you didn't think this post was insightful then maybe the post wasn't ment for you.

LordOfEntropy 08-20-2005 12:27 PM

RE: Jason Craft
I didn't think he played that well. I'll agree that looked good on a blitz, no argument. But I remember him getting burned in the secondary again. I think it's time to try J Williams.

BoudinSandwich 08-20-2005 12:46 PM

RE: Jason Craft
I thought the Madden comment was funny, but more for the laughing at Madden point rather than laughing at our board member.

I support the J. Williams comment. This guy tried desperately to impress in the first game. Lets try him out and see if he can steal this spot away from Craft.

CHACHING 08-20-2005 07:59 PM

RE: Jason Craft
I'm leaning towards GARBAGE when it comes to Craft..
The jury is still out.........

Euphoria 09-11-2005 04:49 PM

RE: Jason Craft
Hey I just thought I would dust this thread of... no reason.

SaintStoneyMount 09-11-2005 05:01 PM

RE: Jason Craft
wasn't J. Williams Cut? Is on the pratice squad or something? I didn't like that cut. I though he a least played well enough to make the roster. Really I thought he was better than Craft

BJSim 09-11-2005 05:21 PM

RE: Jason Craft
Well, we see why Craft was kept. 4 tackles and an INT. Not bad at all.

Euphoria 09-11-2005 06:43 PM

RE: Jason Craft
ya can't go by a preseason game all-the-time. You actually have to see what is going on in camp. Craft been doing good in camp 2 years...

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