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xan 08-20-2005 08:23 PM

View from 50,000 feet
As this will be my first post in more than 4 months, I feel obligated to start from the highest viewpoint rather than mix it up in the trenches on a particular player/coach. However, I have read each and every one of your posts in the interim, even the salacious ones. I did not see the Seattle game, but did see the NE game in its entirety, mostly with the sound off. So, as so many have observed, you can't really comment until you've first hand knowledge:

There is far more talent on the Saints than there is on NE, except at linebacker and QB.

This team is no faster than any other NFL team.

Individual players seem to be trying to "stand out" rather than fit in.

Saints' play calling and defensive schemes are mediocre to poor.

There doesn't seem to be a sense of calmness on offense that comes with understanding the system and confidence in execution.

Whatever the Saints are practicing, it appears to have fleeting relevance to performance in a game.

Tackling is a forgotten art.

Field awareness/ball awareness appears blunted.

This team is three injuries away from a top 5 draft pick next season.

This assessment is eerily similar to last year's assessment. Can an extra year of player continuity have so little cohesive effect? There are gaping holes in each aspect of the team, and the hole is different for each. The secondary is great only when it knows where the ball is AND the opposing player is. The D-line has great control but no tackling. The O-line keeps good contact with their man, even picks up the free blitzer well, but can't define a solid pocket. No play caller runs through route progressions well or reads defenses well, though the can usually hit the stationary target. Rushers don't use blockers well. Receivers miss the (relatively) easy catch or route adjustment. Clock management and extra point management is still baffling.

Pardon the rant, but, how hard is it for putatively experienced coaches and players who are being paid 50 times what I make in a year to do what appears to be easy for top tier teams (though I will concede that QB is really really tough)? What the hell are they doing when they aren't playing mediocre football on national tv?

papz 08-20-2005 09:10 PM

RE: View from 50,000 feet

Clock management and extra point management is still baffling.
It was bad. How do you simplify the offense and give everyone wristbands yet you still get a delay of game penalty? Everytime a play was called for the Pats, they were in and out of the huddle on the line with plenty of time to spare. This gave Brady plenty of time to make pre-snap adjustments and move his men around. We have way too many mental lapses throughout the game... but isn't this the case every year?


This team is three injuries away from a top 5 draft pick next season.
I'd have to agree with that. Our depth is horrible. If one of our star players were to go down, we'd be in serious trouble.

Okay I'll end it with something good... :P

Our run blocking is great and Dwight Smith looks awesome. Devery looked great as well as Poole and Sullivan. Depth is great a running back with Aaron and Smith. Although Fakir was beat a couple of times, he was on those receivers like white on rice. Colby looks extremely fast... and we came out with a win. Even though we kept our starters in til the beginning of the 4th quarter, a win is a win and I can't complain about that.

G504 08-20-2005 09:36 PM

RE: View from 50,000 feet
We still gotta get over the first quater jitters, though.

AFSGT 08-21-2005 09:31 AM

Maybe they should put pictures on his wristband so he can see what play to call , you need to be able to read before you can call a play.

jnormand 08-21-2005 11:51 AM

Agreed Papz. The team does look good in somethings...worse or bad in other areas. I think it was an improvement from the first game, no less. I think the preseason is really important to this team and Haz knows it. He knows that the team needs to feel good about themselves going into the reg. season. I think Haz is trying to build moral and confidence above anything. This team plays it's best when it's confidence is high, regardless of who they are playing. I hope the team is going to continue to improve over the preseason and go into the home opener feeling like they can beat any team if they stay confident and calm.

We'll see what happens.

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