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LordOfEntropy 08-24-2005 08:36 AM

Saints against Baltimore
This is interesting. Dale Carter will be lining up against Stallworth at the Baltimore game. Apparently he's over whatever physical problem he's been dealing with, some kind of blood clots.

Methinks Stallworth should have a good game.

Jamal Lewis will be back for his first game since prison, though he's only expected to run a few plays. Regardless, it should provide a solid measure of our run defense.

And of Jonathan Sullivan.

CHACHING 08-24-2005 08:39 AM

RE: Saints against Baltimore
Dale "burnt toast" Carter....Donte is gonna set pre-season records on this dude...
I'm interested in what our D does against thier running game....
Should be fun...
Is it televised?

TheGambler 08-24-2005 11:01 AM

Dale Carter is still alive?

LordOfEntropy 08-26-2005 11:13 AM


Dale Carter is still alive?
Barely. The last time he played in a game was when he was still with the Saints. He's 35, has had issues with blood clots. They've got him on blood thinners. He'll be filling in for Samari Rolle.


Is it televised?
No, not in real time, not in New Orleans. The game starts at 7:00pm (Central), but won't be aired locally until 11:30pm (WUPL).

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