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xan 08-29-2005 08:29 AM

Dome Roof Tearing Off
New reports from the dome on CNN have reported that a large section of the dome roof has torn away and has completely exposed the interior to the elements. The reporter states seeing the sky, or what there would be to see of the sky.

I can see Benson's crack mongol hoard slavering at the chance to use this unfortunate situation to move the team, however temporarily, to another city during the repairs, then never returning.

Euphoria 08-29-2005 09:37 AM

RE: Dome Roof Tearing Off
The roof, the roof... lol. Actually its not a huge section at all just a small pieace but enough to move people around the dome.

saintswhodi 08-29-2005 09:47 AM

Re: RE: Dome Roof Tearing Off

Originally Posted by Euphoria
The roof, the roof... lol. Actually its not a huge section at all just a small pieace but enough to move people around the dome.

Wow. You can joke at something like this?

Euphoria 08-29-2005 11:16 AM

RE: Re: RE: Dome Roof Tearing Off
I don't have sympathy for anyone who decided to stay... If someone want to committ suicide I don't have sympathy for those... how dare they! They don't take into consideration the ones that love and care for them then to hell with them. The ones who had to stay... the emergency workers fine I feel for them. You can't tell me ones couldn't get out, with buses moving people to the Dome and shelters there and about, people going into NO and driving people out...

Isn't this about the Saints fourm anyways unless its about the Saints and the hurricane shouldn't these threads be moved.

saintswhodi 08-29-2005 11:40 AM

Wow. You are probably the most insensitive ass I have ever had the misfortune of speaking to. At a time like this, there is no reason to show insensitivity to ANYONE. You're an ass.

BlackandBlue 08-29-2005 11:56 AM

Regardless of your personal views, let's try to stay sensitive to others in regards to the storm.

bayouking318 08-29-2005 01:20 PM

Euphoria... You don't know what kind of situation that caused people to stay. It really bite my ass someone could be that insensitive. Family members could've been too sick or ill to move. It could've of been plenty of reasons some people had to stay behind. Show some consideration or just keep your narrow mind opinions to yourself :peace:

bayouking318 08-29-2005 01:34 PM

picture of the dome

WhoDat 08-29-2005 01:37 PM

A. Idoit.

B. From what I heard, and I'm not sure what is what, but from what I heard essentially what is happening is that the white protective layer (which is kind of like super duper wall paper) is being pulled back and is exposing the seams in the outter frame of the Dome. Water is pouring in through the cracks, but all in all it's minor damage. Who knows? That's just what I heard earlier. The Dome was constructed to weather a Category 5, so...

Euphoria 08-29-2005 02:00 PM

Did you see the idiot walking his dog in the Hurricane on Fox.

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