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New Orleans/Gulf Coast Roll Call

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm not normally a praying man, but my prayers, for whatever they are worth, are with you all. My thoughts are with you all as well. Good luck and my greatest condolences....

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I'm not normally a praying man, but my prayers, for whatever they are worth, are with you all. My thoughts are with you all as well. Good luck and my greatest condolences.
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Just bumpin' this to the top.

Take care.

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LoE checking in.

I drove out of New Orleans area last night, so now for the first time I have electricity and Internet access to check the board. The family is safe and sound, though it's been one helluva ride. We got the last family member out of danger the day before yesterday (she's a nurse at Charity Hospital). My God, has she got some horror stories... I won't repeat them. It's been tough all around.

Though we lost everthing, houses, possession, etc, I'm not *****ing - we got out alive. And the Saints still exist. But it sure would be nice if the insurance would cover flooding -- which it does not. State Farm "corrected" me today when I finally made a successful phone call. Bastards. Good thing we've been paying these insurance bills all these years.

I was wondering if this board still existed. I'm glad to see that it does.

God Bless to those that survived, and to those that didn't.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

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Hello B&G fans. I am from Mississippi but have been here in Iraq for a year. Hate not being home to help, had family and friends in the N.O. area have not heard from them as of yet. Glad to know LA Nat. Guard is coming home. Those men and women had a hard time over here. Treat them as nothing less than heros, they served LA proudly!!!

Seeing all of the destruction back home has emonitionally drained us. As bad as it is at home guys, we still have it better than 1,000,000x's better than most of the world. I agree things could have been done better to be more prepared, but how prepared were we for Camille? Science can tell us alot of things, but nature can change without notice.

Don't really know where I am going with this guys, just know everyone over here is thing about ya'll and pray that God be with ya'll. Hope all are okay, and wish we were home to help. Will be posting more hope to hear from more of you.[/quote]
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I'm here. It's hard to get internet access. Most people from the Ms. Coast took refuge in FL. I stayed with my parents for the last week in Long Beach(next to Gulfport). You feel like you are in a war zone or Compton with the choppers spotlighting every night. MP's are everywhere. People were shooting each other over gas and ice. Daylight was a relief. I'm not overexaggerating(sp?) when I say that there were shots fired every night. At night, my mom's neighborhood(a nice one) looked like the blue light special at Kmart. You stand in line for hours in hundred degree weather waiting for two bags of ice and water. It was miserable. It has gotten better now that power is back on and people aren't having to steal and fight over gas for their generators.
I've lived on the Coast my whole life. It's horrible. There is complete devastation two blocks in from the beach all the way down the coast line. You can stand in Gulfport and see Biloxi because there is nothing to obstruct your view. NOTHING.
The most positive thing I can say after losing everything is that everyone's spirits are so high. It's like this catastrophic event has united the whole Coast. Everywhere you look, people are helping each other. The meaning of the word "neighbor" has been re-established, and that gives us all a great feeling.

Oh yeah. Some of my parents neighbors and I were sitting around drinking a beer(hard to find) and one of them said, "hey Frankie, the Saints might actually make the playoffs this year." I said, "Oh yeah, why is that." He replied, "Because they're playing all their games on the road!"

God bless everyone!!
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Glad to see you guys are OK. Just heard on MSNBC that Slidell had water and power and that the city of New Orleans was now secure. New Pumps being turned on all the time and not as many dead as were previously thought. I can guarantee if there were 10,000 the news would be all on that one. I had family in Gretna and Bogalusa and I think they made it out ok I still haven't heard from them yet but they had boarded up the condo on Royal Street on Saturday and headed out then too.

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I am here in Ellisville Mississippi, We are a disaster area also but not nearly as bad as the coast, but 11 days later and about 40 - 50 Percent of us up here have power again, trees everywhere, It was horrible up here with the wind, and I thought for a week with no gasoline, and trying to wait in lines for everything, I though we were bad off, BUT....... The Whole time I know how good we got it up here, God bless all of you in New Orleans, And the Mississippi Gulf Coast..... I will be praying every night for your Releif and the speedy recovery... As A Brother to all of you on this Forum and out in the Disaster, My Love, Sympathy, and Compasion are with you, and As I have lots of work to do up here, I am contemplating Taking my leave of absence from my Job and come to New Orleans to help I feel worthless and Helpless up here watching the News................... God Bless you all
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Hey. I am here as well.
Went to Mississippi and stayed at a friend's camp.
Went back to Metairie yesterday and my house is fully intact.
Staying with my brother in Springfield, LA.
Hope all are well.
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Hey Rocky, what shape is Metairie in? Let's us know. I lived on Tribune street or Airline Highway for a while.
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Hey Rocky, what shape is Metairie in? Let's us know. I lived on Tribune street or Airline Highway for a while.
I was in on Tue and Wed last week.
LOTS of trees down but oddly enough most went into the streets and accross lawns. Few actually on houses. I live between West Napolean and West Metairie aves. 1 block from LaFreniere park.

Saw lots of carpet ripped out of homes and laying on the curbs. My house didn't flood at all. I just don't have power or water so it is not habitable for those reasons. Saw two homes burned to the ground and another started while I was there right on David Dr. and Airline Hwy.

My friend went with me. He lives in Kenner in the Bonnabel High School area. Same story in Kenner although he has both power and water in his home. We are going to work in the area starting Monday. Very few people on the streets in Jeff Parish but there is a huge Police presence so it is generally safe. Another friend's Pick-up was stolen from in front of his home at some point.

Overall I would have to say that most of Jefferson was blessed considering what could of happened. If anyone would like then I could give updates on the area starting Mon when I go back in.


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