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roturn 03-21-2003 02:17 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
FYI from ESPN:

Jones, Turley head possible trade market

By Len Pasquarelli
Unlike baseball's winter caucus, traditionally a breeding ground for trade discussions, the annual NFL meetings have never generated much swap-mart action. That will probably be the case again when owners, coaches and general managers convene Sunday in Phoenix.
But any time you get all of the league's power brokers in the same place at the same time, anything is possible. And since some trade possibilities were bumped to the back burner when free agency began, there is at least the right atmosphere for some wheeling and dealing next week.

Look for talks between New England and New Orleans, on a deal that would send "franchise" free safety Tebucky Jones to the Saints, to get jump-started again. The teams discussed a trade, but the Saints have balked at the second-round draft choice New England wants in return, preferring to part with only a third-rounder.
Word is that coaches Bill Belichick and Jim Haslett will get together at some point to see if they can hammer something out. Agent Gary Wichard and New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis are close enough to a contract accord that a five-year deal could be finished quickly if the teams agree on compensation. The groundwork has been laid for a contract that would pay Jones about $3.5 million per year. Haslett says Jones, who has yet to consistently play up to his physical potential, can definitely upgrade the Saints' secondary.
If the two sides can't come together, the Pats will simply keep Jones even though they already have Lawyer Milloy and Rodney Harrison at safety. Because the Pats play so many three-safety alignments, Jones isn't as superfluous in New England as some people think, and team officials have no plans at this juncture to rescind the "franchise" tag to reclaim some cap room.
But that could change if the Patriots decide to sign any free agents. And certainly the club will need more room to add draft choices. With the "franchise" marker, Jones is taking up $3.043 million of cap space. As of Friday morning, the Pats were only $444,079 under the spending limit.
Loomis is likely to try to rekindle trade talks involving offensive tackle Kyle Turley, who has been on the block for nearly two months and for whom the Saints are seeking a second-round draft pick. But to trade Turley, the Saints need help from the five-year veteran, and to this point he hasn't exactly smoothed the way for his Big Easy exit.
Turley is entering the final year of his original contract, and no team wants to acquire him without first getting his name on an extension. The Miami Dolphins, who have done trade business with the Saints before (see: Ricky Williams), are interested and last week spoke to his agent, Tom Condon, about an extended deal. But Condon and Turley want a signing bonus in excess of the $8.5 million the Saints offered the tackle a year ago on a restructured contract.
Condon knows that one of his other clients, New York Giants tackle Luke Petitgout, got a $9.75 million signing bonus last month. And tackle Flozell Adams collected upfront money of $10 million on his new contract with the Cowboys. The consensus is that Turley is superior to both those players.
One other element that could at least spark a little trade talk: There are three teams -- New Orleans, New England and Oakland -- that own two picks each in the first round of next month's draft. And there are plenty of franchises with selections in the top 10 who want to trade back from the lofty perches. It would not be surprising if some of those teams tried to lay a foundation for a draft-day swap or two.
"Look, it still figures to be a week of all talk and no action, because that's how it usually comes down," said the general manager of a team looking to move down in the first round. "But at least if there's some legitimate talk (in Phoenix), maybe it will lead to some action down the line."

saintsrule26 03-21-2003 05:35 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
it would be nice if we could get jones for a 3rd round pick. 3.5 mill a year sounds alright to me as long as his signing bonus isnt too high. also if we could get a 1st rounder for turley that would be great. we would definately be able to trade 2 picks to move up into atleast the top 8 and grab the player we desire. and we would still have 2 1st round picks.

WhoDat 03-21-2003 05:45 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
We\'re not getting a first rounder for Turley. He assured that with his actions in the last few weeks. Right now we\'re having a hard time finding someone willing to take him and his $10 million signing bonus demand off our hands for a second-rounder.

patman 03-21-2003 08:14 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
I think only getting a 2nd for Turley will stop all the talk for getting Jones now.
With BB insisting on a 2nd and you not getting an extra one this year for Turley, I think he moves on to some other team. I would have liked to seen Jones on turf.

saintsrule26 03-21-2003 09:48 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
i think we\'ll work something out with the patriots this weekend and have tebucky soon.

WhoDat 03-22-2003 03:25 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
Hey Patman - the Saints were INSISTING on a FIRST rounder. Then they were INSISTING on a SECOND rounder. They got one... next year. Sound familiar to you?

Belichick was INSISTING on a FIRST rounder for Jones. Now it seems that the Patties are INSISTING on a SECOND rounder.... see if you can guess how this one will end.

patman 03-23-2003 12:11 PM

More on Turley and Tebucky
To Pittsburg for thier 2nd? or to Minn for a 3rd and something else next year?

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